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Minecraft Comes Alive

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  • Minecraft
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  • Supports: 1.7.2
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  • Updated 05/25/2014
  • Created 06/21/2013
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
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About Minecraft Comes Alive


MCA's main page is on the Minecraft Forums! You can find more detailed information there. Comments and questions should also be directed there. Find the link in Important Links below!

Please Read

Please Read

Developer Let's Play

Say goodbye to those annoying and ugly Testificates! Minecraft Comes Alive (MCA) aims to give the original villagers an actual use within the game.




Villagers are no longer loud, derpy, Caveman Squidwards. MCA replaces them with male or female humans with an unbelievable number of unique names, professions, and skins! There are over 150+ unique skins for villagers to use, and growing! You can even easily add your own skins as well.

Marriage and Children


You can build relationships with villagers and eventually marry them. After you're married, you can have children with your spouse. Children will do chores for you, such as farming, mining, woodcutting, and more! Children will eventually grow into adults who can also get married and have their own children.

Player Marriage

You can marry other players and have children when playing over SMP or LAN using commands.
Simply craft a wedding ring (see the wiki for details) and use the command /mca.marry PlayerName.
The other player must then use the command /mca.marry.accept YourName.
To have children, use the command, /mca.havebaby. Your spouse must then use the command /mca.havebaby.accept.


You can still trade with MCA's villagers. There is no loss of original Minecraft functionality! (Unless you like the original villager sounds)

Game-Changing Features

MCA will change the way you play Hardcore mode forever. Playing in Hardcore unlocks a small, but game-changing super secret feature.

Improved the update checker and added support for RadixCore 1.2.0.

Fixed a bug that caused servers to lag.


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