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  • Minecraft
  • 230 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 1.7.2
  • 6,999 Total Downloads
  • Updated 03/20/2014
  • Created 08/27/2013
  • 25 Favorites
  • Project Site
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)
  • Newest File: SDXC_Reciper_1.2.0.jar
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About Reciper


Reciper is a small mod which adds several missing and/or useful recipes to Minecraft. All recipes can be enabled or disabled individually or you can enable or disable recipes sectional (crafting, uncrafting, smelting, etc.) which makes it more flexible though it's just a simple mod. Reciper does not add content to the game so it can be installed or removed without destroying your worlds.

Click on this link to view all the possible recipes in a simple picture list.

Features of Reciper:

  • Adds 31 crafting recipes.
  • Adds 20 uncrafting (recycling) recipes.
  • Adds 1 smelting recipe.
  • Adds 1 fix for missing recipes.
  • All recipes can be enabled or disabled individually.
  • This mod can be globally enabled or disabled.
  • Integrated update check and motd.
  • Works in singleplayer and multiplayer.

Reciper has it's own thread in the Minecraft Forums. Let me know what you think about this mod or submit your bugreport or suggestions there as well, if you can't or don't want to do so on GitHub.


You can download Reciper directly and ad-free here from CurseForge or the official GitHub repository.
I prefer you to download from CurseForge because of the download statistics. After a fresh release you'll maybe not find the latest version on CurseForge because it is stuck in pending approval. If that's the case you can download the latest version from GitHub instead (after the release of 1.1.0 it took more than 24 hours for the mod to be approved).

Latest Changelog

Version: 1.2.0:

Reqired: Minecraft Forge (for Minecraft 1.7.2)

  • Reciper has been ported directly to Minecraft 1.7.2.
  • Dropped mod support for SimpleOres 2 because it's not ready for 1.7.2 yet.

For more information visit the Wiki.
If you're interested in the complete history of changes go look at the Changelog.


All topics related to Reciper are described on the official Wiki.


If you want me to add a new custom recipe or create recipes for other mods, you can suggest your idea with one of the following possibilities:

  • Open an issue with the label "suggestion" on GitHub.
  • Send me a PM here on Curse.
  • Write a post in the Minecraft Forums.


  • #5

    Can you use it to change a recipie from a mod because the rope recipie in Ropes+ interferes with the web recipie in Spider Queen reborn

  • #7

    Upcoming v2 of Reciper allows you to create custom recipes from scratch. That means it will optionally remove ALL recipes in Minecraft and from other mods, so you can create a complete set of recipes like you want it to be. There surely will be some standard templates so you don't have to do everything by yourself.

    I want Reciper to be as independent as possible, so I won't change recipes from other mods directly, but I will try to add a functionality to remove single recipes so you can add your customized recipe.

  • #4

    Maybe add iron ingots to the saddle crafting recipe because saddles in real life have metal/iron on them. Also, great mod and idea! :)

  • #6

    The upcoming v2 of Reciper allows you to create custom recipes, either from scratch or additional. This includes mod support for nearly any mod. Until I finish v2 there will no changes on v1 anymore from me.

  • #2


  • #1

    Nice mod. This is just a request, but could you add uncrafting for things like clocks and compases?

  • #3

    Just saw your post. Seems I don't get notifications if someone posts on curse.

    Well, I surely can do something about these. I'll come up with uncrafting recipes for the next release.

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