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Rediscovered Mod

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  • Project Manager: Mr_M
  • Minecraft
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  • Supports: 1.5.2
  • 326 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/01/2013
  • Created 06/21/2013
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About Rediscovered Mod

banner2 HELLO people! Welcome to the Rediscovered Mod! The purpose of this modification is to add in anything that has been unused, unimplemented, or removed from Minecraft's files! It covers a wide variety of topics that could have made it into the vanilla game but sadly, did not. In fact, that is one of my goals for this mod! To possibly see some of these features added into the vanilla game! Now then, let's move onto the fun.


Crying Obsidian

Crying Obsidian is here! This evil stone has the look of obsidian and lapis lazuli mixed together.

recipe1 cryobsid

Useful Sponges

Finally what we've all been waiting for! A use for sponges! These things now suck up water within a 5x5 area! sponge

Quiver, Purple Arrows, and Leather-Chain Armor

Yes the little hidden sprites are back and ready to go! The quiver gives the person wearing it the ultimate power: the power to instantly fire a critical arrow without having to charge the bow. The purple arrows, on the other hand, are fired by skeletons and skeletons only. The Leather Chain armor is crafted from leather armor and chainmail armor together (I highly suggest trading with the pigman to get that Chainmail armor)

NOTE: To wear armor with the quiver, you must craft a quiver with the chestplate of your choice. This provides protection and gives the power of the quiver! However, this is a TEMPORARY solution. I will add a better method for wearing the quiver soon.

quiverrecipe quiver armor


These things are back from the indev days! They can be placed on walls and floors and can be useful in redstone circuitry! They provide a redstone current and can be used as a type of vertical redstone*!

  • EDIT: Can not be used as vertical redstone as of v. 0.35. So sorry but Had to be removed due to some issues.

gearrecipe gear


This is the idea that Notch came up with that everyone hated! However, I believe that this mod can improve upon the general idea. It be placed to provide light, but it can also provide portable light! If the player has the lantern in his or her hotbar, they will find that they will light up the surrounding area wherever they go!

lanternrecipe lantern

Dirt Slabs

These are the original slabs! They were used by Notch while he was testing how slabs would work. It can help in those awkward time when you break your thumb and can’t hit the spacebar to jump!


Smooth Full Half-Slab

These are hidden in the darkest reaches of Minecraft’s code.

It is purely aesthetic. slabrecipe slab

Tables and Chairs

FINALLY! a sit-able block that we can actually use instead of stairs and an actual table! When right-clicked the player will sit down on the chair in a similar fashion to sitting in a minecart. It allows one to sit properly and LIKE A SIR in their house. You finally don't have to use those ugly stairs as makeshift seats in your house!

table table blah

Locked Chest

These are the April Fool’s joke of Minecraft! They were added by Notch in April of 2011 and then removed shortly after.

Locked Chest compared to a regular chest (which is which? :0): recipe2 chest

New potions

These potions are based off of the effects that you can get through NBT world editing, but not legit. There are 5 new types: Nausea, Water Breathing, Mining Slowness, Blindness, and Jumping.


Pigmen, Rubies, and Green Testificates ===== (Currently, pigmen are only spawnable via creative spawn egg)

Pigmen are here! These little fellas are a lot like testificates but offer much better trades... Rubies! These gems were supposed to be used to trade with testificates, but Jeb decided to use emeralds instead. They can be found in ores level 45 and below and can be crafted into a Block of Ruby when you fill all the spaces in the crafting grid. As for the green villagers, they can spawn in every testificate village and provide the same trades as normal testificates.

pigman villager

Fish Mob

This is the fish! No, not that thing that comes out of nowhere when you pull a fishing rod out of water. This is an actual mob that Notch was planning on adding in the Halloween Update, but never got around to it. The fish drops... well, fish when killed! It also naturally spawns anywhere where a large enough body of water is present.


Lost Mobs

These are the Lost mobs of indev! They were added by Dock, who used to work for Mojang, but were removed when he left. Each of these spawn once per testificate village. When killed (Why would you do such a thing? D: )

Steve drops One of the following: String (1-2) on death. (Most common) Feather (1-2) on death. Gunpowder (1-2) on death. Flint and Steel (?) on death. (Extremely rarely)

steve rana


They’re ginormous! These things have been in the code but do not spawn naturally. In this mod, they now spawn naturally in the Sky Dimension and have a spawn egg. They drop 0-2 normal gold apples upon death AND will rarely drop either a 'Notch' apple (the newish gold apple that takes gold blocks to make), a gold ingot, or even a diamond! They can pose as a tough challenge and provide a sweet reward for defeating them.


Sky Dimension and Red Dragons

The opposite of the Nether! Yes this dimension is almost like a dream filled with floating islands, a never-ending daytime, giants and red dragons! To get to it, you must craft the mysterious "Dream Bed" which causes you to have wild dreams when you sleep in it. You will wake up in a house, but not YOUR house... You step outside to see a whole new world to explore! Just use the dream bed in the house to wake up in the normal world. Giants naturally spawn here so make sure to come prepared if you are looking for a fight! Red dragons also spawn naturally but VERY RARELY and drop one Red Dragon Egg when killed*. Just use the dream bed in the house to wake up in the normal world.

NOTE : The red dragon is currently a WIP! They are currently invincible at the moment due to a crash when they are killed. Luckily, they also do not attack you so at the moment they are purely for show. Make sure to check back for when they are fixed and you can fight them

bedrecipe sky dimension




Download Rediscovered Mod Version 0.43 for Minecraft 1.5.2


Here's a review by Gamechap and Bertie. I say! Quite Spiffing!

-Bug-Fix/Addition Update

-Added a house when you appear in the sky dimension to give the illusion that you wake up inside of a dream. -Fixed Dream Bed ID overriding the Gear ID. -Dream Beds now do not stack like normal beds.


  • #2

    This mod is amazing! Although, I would rather have a Sky Portal made out of Crying Obsidian that led to the Sky Dimension instead of that bed, since the bed was never even planned.

  • #1

    Hello, I'd LOVE to have crying obsidian!
    And the Quiver is really cool, too..
    Giants would be fun to fight!
    Portable light.. just awesome.. and I would love to see sealife (not only squids)..
    All in all, this mod is really a MUST in my opinion. I play MC since 3 years in a few months!

    Are you still updating this mod, maybe elsewhere ?
    I searched around but couldn't find it for 1.6.4.

    Thanks for a reply!

    Kind regards,

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