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[1.7.10] The Dalek Mod

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  • Project Manager: 1WTC
  • Minecraft
  • 1,083 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 1.7.10
  • 10,905 Total Downloads
  • Updated 05/10/2015
  • Created 06/21/2013
  • 8 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: Dalek Mod Update 39
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About [1.7.10] The Dalek Mod


Latest Update!



What is the Dalek Mod?

The Dalek mod adds a variety of doctor who related features to Minecraft including a fully working Tardis, Daleks(Obviously), Cybermen and Much much more the mod allows you to have a Doctor Who experience in Minecraft by yourself or with your friends on multiplayer use the tardis to travel to new worlds and battle bosses to become the best timelord on your server collect crystals to power the Tardis (eventually) and travel to many famous doctor who planets such as Skaro, Trenzalore, Gallifrey and more all from a simple Minecraft forge mod installation.

What does the Mod include?

The Dalek Mod include a vast array of features, ranging from Daleks to cybermen, Gas Masked Zombies, Bigger on the inside Tardises, Sonic Screwdrivers, Clothing a Dalek Mod API for creating your own Daleks, planets, time eras and much much more!

We have Daleks which cover almost all eras, from the Classic 1960s Daleks to the more modern Gold 2005 Dalaks. We also have a selection of unique Daleks such as the ender Daleks (Attack them and they will teleport!), Nether Daleks, Marine Daleks and much more! 


Download 1.7.10

Download 1.7.2

Download Dalek Mod Lite 1.8

Download Dalek Mod API

What versions can I download the Dalek Mod for?

There are many different builds of the Dalek Mod, all at different stages in its development, so some will include more then other builds as some are older than others. The Dalek Mod is availble for download on the following versions:

1.4.2 (Modloader)

1.4.7 (Modloader)

1.4.7 (Forge)

1.5 (Forge)

1.5.1 (Forge)

1.5.1 (Modloader)

1.5.2 (Forge)

1.5.2 (Modloader)

1.6.1 (Forge)

1.6.2 (Forge)

1.6.4 (Forge)

1.7.2 (Forge)

1.7.10 (Forge)



You can support us via our patreon, all of the patreon donations will go towards helping the development of Dalek Mod and SWD Visit our Patreon:

New Title Screen
Added Skinpacks
- Skinpack Doctors
- Skinpack Daleks
- Skinpack Autons
Tardis Key now summons tardis facing player
Tardis no longer generates everytime you walk out the door
Tardis now saves direction
Tardis now remats
Tardis now demats
Tardis Type now handles the onClick method
Tardis Type now handles the door actions
Chunks containing Tardises stay loaded
New Texture for Europa
New Texture for Gallifrey
New Texture for Mars
New Texture for Cave Game
New Texture for Omicron Persei 8
New Texture for Earth
New Texture for Skaro
New Texture for The Moon
New Texture for The Nether
New Texture for Trenzalore
New Dalek Mod Logo
Europa slight generation changes
Added a GUI to display the latest update video
Updated Spawn Code
Added Old Jelly babies you get from bushes
Added Bags of Jelly babies craft: (Wheat,Sugar,paper under wheat)
Added an Epsilon roundel
Added 10th Doctor roundel
Added EpsilonOutline Block
Added Dalekamite Block
Added 2014 Tardis block
Cheese on the moon generates
Added Cheese Item
Added Cheese block
Added Fish Fingers and Custard
Added Daleks back to the Mob spawners inside Dalek Ships
Added OWO snail (I have no idea, don’t ask - 1WTC)
Added Tardis Command Block A
Added Tardis Coordinate Travel
Added Tardis Forcefields
Added Coral Console
Added Classic Wool stairs
Added Classic Brick stairs
Added Classic Cobblestone stairs
Added Tardis Floor mesh stairs
Added Waffle
Added Blueberry Muffin
Added Crafting Recipe for the 2Dis
Added Crafting Recipe for Classic Sonic Screwdriver #1
Added Crafting Recipe for Classic Sonic Screwdriver #2
Added Crafting Recipe for Classic Sonic Screwdriver #3
Added Crafting Recipe for Classic Sonic Screwdriver #4
Added Crafting Recipe for Gear
Added Crafting Recipe for Demat Lever
New Creative Tab: Food
Fixed Santa hat texture
Fixed Cracker
Fixed Present
Removed DLC


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