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Compact Dovahkiin Hideout

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  • Skyrim
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  • Updated 02/25/2012
  • Created 02/25/2012
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  • Release Type: Beta
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: Compact Hideout 0.5
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About Compact Dovahkiin Hideout

COMPATIBILITY? This is Compatible with the Standard edition of Dovahkiin Hideout and Dovahkiin Retreat. You will have TWO hatches to two separate hideouts, one being the Standard, one being the Compact.

Click here for the Standard Edition of Dovahkiin's Hideout
Click here for Dovahkiin Retreat


This is a more compact version of the Dovahkiin's Hideout. The Hideout includes doors to all major city houses including Breezehome, Honeyside and the rest. Inside your house you will find a hatch to the Hideout, enter that and you will be inside the Hideout. Inside the Hideout will will find everything a Dovahkiin could need.


- Crafting Room (all tools)
- 50+ Weapon Racks
- Alchemy/Enchanting Tables
- Labeled Chests for better Organization
- 8 Mannequins
- Cooking area
- Bedroom
- Door Room (Entry from all houses in Skyrim.)
- Much more


Add HideoutCOMPACT.Esp to your Data folder, or use Curse client and let it do it.


MAKE SURE that everything is removed from the house, this entire zone will be GONE when you delete it, so make sure to remove everything first or it will be GONE.

- Crafting Room (all tools)
- 50+ Weapon Racks
- Alchemy/Enchanting Tables
- Labeled Chests for better Organization
- 8 Mannequins
- Cooking area
- Bedroom
- Door Room (Entry from all houses in Skyrim.)
- Much more


  • #8

    This version of Dovahkiin Hideout has a game breaking bug in .5. If you like the idea of a compact Dovahkiin Hideout mod - check out instead Dovahkiin Warehouse. It's got everything, but it's finished, stable, no bugs. And what's more you can port to it from any location, inside or outside even if you're over the carry limit. So it's a lot more versatile.


  • #7

    I think the [d] indicates 'marked for deletion'. You really have to be careful with that console comand. Afaik once you delete something there's no getting it back; ie. delete is not disable. Strange that reinstalling didn't fix it. Did you try it with a new character? Maybe it's marked [d] in your savegame file. I don't know, just guessing.

    Last edited by doomPenguin on 3/9/2012 4:29:12 PM
  • #6

    I think 0.6 is gone!  I stupidly deleted it, thinking a complete reinstall of 0.5 from curse would fix my problem, which it didn't.

    More info:  When I prid the code for the room, 5600ddd6, in my case, the prid comes up with (5600ddd6[d].  Does anyone know what the [d] means?  I type 'enable' and nothing happens.  I think the object is simply not in my version of the mod, but no matter how many times I reinstall this thing, the floor and ceiling are missing.

  • #5

    I'm still using the Nexus 0.6 version (and I never had any missing floors/ceilings, sorry)

     So where is the latest version of this mod now if not here? 

  • #4

    I reverted to this hideout version from the Nexus 0.6 one.  My Nexus one had no floor or ceiling in the smithing room.  After completely deleting that one, installing 0.5 from curse, I still had no floor or ceiling.  It's not a texture problem.  I'll fall off into oblivion unless I 'tcl' into the room, and when I try to ID it from the console, it picks up nothing there.

    I even loaded the file in the creation kit, got the id (for the room xx00DDD6), tried disable/enable in the console, and it still didn't work.  Any help would be greatly appreciated - is anyone else missing these very important archetectural structures??  Is there a way to bring them back?  The walls are there, just no floor or ceiling.  Ditto the smithing equipment/mannequins/chests - all there.  Just two gaping holes above and below me.

  • #3

    Don't get this version; 0.5 if you have do NOT have all the homes in the game. This version has unlocked doors - which makes the stewarts treat you as if you own the home. Hence you can't get the quests to get the homes.

    .6 is on Nexus or Steam - the steam version has major problems though with banners etc. 


  • #2

    Could you update Curse with the .6 version? 

    Need the version that fixes the door problem on the houses.  As a new toon we aren't able to purchase new houses because the doorways are unlocked.

  • #1

    i want to ask you something guys...can you make a naruto mod? plz reply

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