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  • Updated 01/15/2012
  • Created 12/19/2011
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  • Newest File: COOL ITEMS PACK 1.2


COOL ITEMS PACKAGE 1.2 by Chachanshen 01/11/2012


Cool items package sold by Belethor. Main file includes previous items including UPDATE1 and UPDATE2.


14 Unique weapons 2 Apparel Sets

Fixed some minor bugs Fixed some item models not showing correctly


Extract into you Skyrim root directory and overwrite the DATA folder.

At the launcher screen, select DATA FILES. Check the COOLITEMS1_2.ESP (Uncheck other plug ins to ensure maximum compatibility).


If Belethor is dead, missing or just plain retarded, open console and type: player.placeatme 0009caf8



1. Handski - Handskian Armor Set, Ivory and Venetian Cloaks Textures

2. Cello - Cheongsam Rose Apparel Textures

3. Sangre - Ianna, Hook Sword, Doubleblade Textures and Models

4. Kerfank - Excalibur Texture and Model

5. Gizmodian - Gizmodian Blade & Edge Textures and Models


1. Hentai - Seraphim Blade model and texture

2. Adonnay - Hadhafang model and texture

3. Ancestral Ghost - Daedric Crescent model and texture

4. Jojjo - Frostmourne and Frostvain model and texture

5. Nicos - Ebony Nicos model and texture

6. Deus-19581 - Ninjutsu Kama model and texture

7. L33Nexus - Death Scythe model and texture


1. BerserkerMonk - Aurumere texture

2. Phate3 - Stajr texture

3. Bittermace - Ogramak texture

4. MelodicShredder - Pinkutaichi texture

5. LetoKolente - Auric Bow texture

6. Ero - Portcullis texture

7. Quetzlsacatanango - file.nif texture paths

8. Seycho - Seychos texture

9. Shokkimonkii & Invalidfate - Yamato mesh and texture & porting

10. 747823 - Umbra texture

11.Lucumbration - Lucumbra texture

12.Nickoli - Malleus Obsicum (obsidian) texture

13.Zxeddery - Zsedry Arrow (skyrim) texture

14.N1kko & Burntbicuit - Sword of Aeons texture

15.MelodicShredder- Hell Slasher Blade texture

16.NIHS - Chrome Razor mesh and texture

01/15/2012 Main File 1.2 uploaded. Added NEW weapons. Fixed some bugs, models and scripts.


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  • #82

    i can't uncheck other plug ins in data files.. and i cant play my skyrim:(

    Last edited by sandraputri on 8/1/2015 10:06:07 AM
  • #80

    My Data Files in the laucher is still unclickable .

  • #81

    Hi, for activate Data files :

    1) go to Library --> Documents --> My Games --> Open Skyrim folder --> Open SkyrimPrefs

    2) After open the doc, search [Launcher]

    3)after finding the line launcher, copy and paste : bEnableFileSelection=1

    Enjoy :D


  • #77

    works on pc only not 360 but if u got a rgh or a jtag u can convert the mod to dlc on xbox 360 i really like this mod it is really alsome i like the textures and the time that the author took his/her time to make this mod for skyrim

  • #76

    +9001 badassery, great mod! thank you!

  • #75

    says alot 14 new items and 2 sets, and there was only ever three pictures.

  • #74

    Does this work on the Xbox 360 or no?

  • #73

    for people not bein able to install the mod.. im quite sure this one is on the Nexus community as well...
    and nexus has an installer wich works thesame as Curse for WoW..
    only it doesnt support skyrim here wich i find very weird..
    i wonder why curse still promotes skyrim...
    when most the mods have washlists of comments saying  "i cant get it to work"

    google Nexus skyrim this website is the Mod heaven
    can get seperate files like here or install it via the mod manager
    hope this been helpfull
    no offence against curse by any way cus i love the support for WoW addons.. but for skyrim it just doesnt work.

  • #79

    It also costs money.....Don't forget that :l 

  • #72

    i have one problem moste of the items are invisible is it any other way than overwrite the the data folder to make it work  cant figer out howe to overwrite it. this is the onle mod that dont crash the game that i have problem whit plese help me.



    Last edited by jackjr18 on 1/6/2013 4:16:15 PM
  • #71

    Also this mod has not been tested with any Skyrim DLC's. You might want to check other Skyrim community sites for old mod support.

  • #69

    I've got a problem...Please answer!
    I've istalled the mod but when i got to belethor he doesnt sell me anything...But if i go to Skyforge i can craft the Mythical upgrades of the weapons...

  • #70

    Hmm...Try turning on this mod only and turn off all others. Sometimes you have to restart the game twice to make it to work. Doing this refreshes the game memory. Try it and then tell me what happens.

  • #68

    I cant open the zip ? =[


  • #67

    great mod but a problem occurred (belethor died)

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