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  • Updated 01/15/2012
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  • Newest File: COOL ITEMS PACK 1.2


COOL ITEMS PACKAGE 1.2 by Chachanshen 01/11/2012


Cool items package sold by Belethor. Main file includes previous items including UPDATE1 and UPDATE2.


14 Unique weapons 2 Apparel Sets

Fixed some minor bugs Fixed some item models not showing correctly


Extract into you Skyrim root directory and overwrite the DATA folder.

At the launcher screen, select DATA FILES. Check the COOLITEMS1_2.ESP (Uncheck other plug ins to ensure maximum compatibility).


If Belethor is dead, missing or just plain retarded, open console and type: player.placeatme 0009caf8



1. Handski - Handskian Armor Set, Ivory and Venetian Cloaks Textures

2. Cello - Cheongsam Rose Apparel Textures

3. Sangre - Ianna, Hook Sword, Doubleblade Textures and Models

4. Kerfank - Excalibur Texture and Model

5. Gizmodian - Gizmodian Blade & Edge Textures and Models


1. Hentai - Seraphim Blade model and texture

2. Adonnay - Hadhafang model and texture

3. Ancestral Ghost - Daedric Crescent model and texture

4. Jojjo - Frostmourne and Frostvain model and texture

5. Nicos - Ebony Nicos model and texture

6. Deus-19581 - Ninjutsu Kama model and texture

7. L33Nexus - Death Scythe model and texture


1. BerserkerMonk - Aurumere texture

2. Phate3 - Stajr texture

3. Bittermace - Ogramak texture

4. MelodicShredder - Pinkutaichi texture

5. LetoKolente - Auric Bow texture

6. Ero - Portcullis texture

7. Quetzlsacatanango - file.nif texture paths

8. Seycho - Seychos texture

9. Shokkimonkii & Invalidfate - Yamato mesh and texture & porting

10. 747823 - Umbra texture

11.Lucumbration - Lucumbra texture

12.Nickoli - Malleus Obsicum (obsidian) texture

13.Zxeddery - Zsedry Arrow (skyrim) texture

14.N1kko & Burntbicuit - Sword of Aeons texture

15.MelodicShredder- Hell Slasher Blade texture

16.NIHS - Chrome Razor mesh and texture

01/15/2012 Main File 1.2 uploaded. Added NEW weapons. Fixed some bugs, models and scripts.


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  • #59

    I got the equipment into the game and have purchased them and they're usable, but they're invisible. Is there a way to fix this?

  • #62

    Nevermind they showed up after a couple restarts.

  • #61

    Manual Installation:

    Download this mod.

    Extract to desktop.

    You shoud have a DATA folder. Copy it.

    Go to your Skyrim game directory. Paste the Data folder you just copied. OVERWRITE/REPLACE (not merge) the default data folder.

    This should work. =)

  • #60

    Least you can get them to work...ugh.


  • #58

    I don't know what to do after I have downloaded Cry

  • #57

    they have new thing that automaticly installs in your skyrim

  • #54

    ok so I am experiencing an interesting problem here. I'm not all that experienced with computers so I'm automatically chalking it up to my inexperience but I think I did everything right.

    my problem is that COOLITEMS1_2.ESP isnt showing up in my DATA FILES in my skyrim launcher, now I downloaded the mod, extracted it into my Skyrim folder and the DATA folder appeared with textures, meshes, and the COOLITEMS1_2.ESP are all there but again its not showing up in DATA FILES.

    I really dont know what else to do so any help from you would be greatly appreciated.


  • #53

    To all having problems with the DATA FILE option locked: you need to edit the SkyrimPrefs.ini in the MyDocuments\MyGames\Skyrim folder. The location is important!

    Read previous comments on how to edit it.

    Have fun! =)

  • #52

    i am having the same problem as NicoSeger, i have overwrited the basic skyrimprefs.ini with the one Chachanshen linked, and i have tried to add it and remove it several times, andi still can't click on Data files... help please

  • #51

    Don't forget to visit the SKYFORGE above the Companions Guild people. Be warned though, it might ruin your game experience. =)

  • #50


    Good for you! You solved it yourself. 

    Have fun then! =) 

  • #49

    Still can't click in Data Files


    I don't know why, but I tryed one more time and it worked...


    Last edited by NicoSeger on 3/11/2012 5:21:54 PM
  • #48



    Paste it in MyGames/Skyrim and overwrite SkyrimPrefs.ini

    It should work!

    PM me for more troubleshooting. =) 

  • #47

    I made everything as it says there but when I open the laucher I still can't click in Data Files

    Last edited by NicoSeger on 3/11/2012 9:46:41 AM
  • #46


    When you run SKYRIM, a screen will appear giving you options to choose from.

    Here you can choose PLAY, OPTIONS, DATA FILES, TECH SUPPORT or EXIT the game.

    If you cannot choose DATA FILES (appears as greyed out) then your default game setting is the culprit. To enable it, follow these simple steps:

    1. Open MyGames/Skyrim/SkyrimPrefs.ini with the text editor.

    2. In the text file, find "[Launcher]" (do not include quotaion marks).

    3. Below it, insert this line: "bEnableFileSelection=1" (do not include quotation marks)

    4. Save the changes in the text file.

    5. The DATA FILES option should be accessible now. You can now check/uncheck mods you wish to apply to your game.

    NOTE: If you cannot find "[Launcher]" in the text because there is none, at the end of the text type the two lines below and then save the changes:




    I hope this helps. Have fun! =)

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