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Dovahkiin Hideout

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  • Skyrim
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  • Updated 03/15/2012
  • Created 01/12/2012
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  • Release Type: Beta
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: Hideout 0.9.2
Support development! **

About Dovahkiin Hideout

This adds a very large basement connecting all houses in the game. You can enter the Hideout from any house in the game by opening the hatch found on in your house.

- Library
- Armory
- Bedroom
- Dungeon
- Mining Cave
- Exterior Exit/Entrance
- Map Marker
- Unique NPCs, Dialogues and Quests
- Door Room (Includes 5 doors to every house in the game. Mage Quaters, Jarvaskr, Ragged Flaggon.)
- Two Enchanting/Alchemy Labs
- Woodcutter, Smithy, Craft Bench, Smelter, Skinning Rack, Workbench.
- 80+ Weapon Racks
- DragonPriest Mask holder
- 12+ Weapon Plaques of Various types
- 9+ Normal Mannequins (6 added in 0.3)
- 20+ Storage holders (Many more added in 0.3.5)
- Tons of area to decorate

- Dovahkiin's Recall Amulet Fixed (Still WIP.)
- Added Last Bust for Priest Masks (WIP.)
- Changed Nexus version to no BSA in hopes it plays nicer with NMM
Remove your Masks from floating old Busts
- Fixed Trainers
- Map Marker from Retreat fixed
- Girl Mannequins moved to Bedroom Closet, Replaced by Males
Some hate the skin textured Female Mannequins, I don't blame them, Sorry
- Removed Mini-Mannequins and Temp Room
I did give time to remove your items, sorry if it wasn't enough
- Added Many more Bookshelves
- Added Door to Jorvaskr
- few more small things


- Dovahkiin's Recall Amulet Fixed (Still WIP.)
- Added Last Bust for Priest Masks (WIP.)
- Changed Nexus version to no BSA in hopes it plays nicer with NMM
Remove your Masks from floating old Busts
- Fixed Trainers
- Map Marker from Retreat fixed
- Girl Mannequins moved to Bedroom Closet, Replaced by Males
Some hate the skin textured Female Mannequins, I don't blame them, Sorry
- Removed Mini-Mannequins and Temp Room
I did give time to remove your items, sorry if it wasn't enough
- Added Many more Bookshelves
- Added Door to Jorvaskr
- few more small things

- Two new NPCs added Noctis and Velus. Trainers and Potential Followers.
- Added temporary door to area with deleted objects
- MOVED Mini-Mannequins to the new area behind the new door (Mini Man's will be deleted next patch.)
- I moved Mini Mannequins in favor of all around better performance for Nav mesh and all Mannequins. I will add Mini-Mannequins when stable.
- Added Larger Mannequins in place of Mini's
- Put all Hideout Books in Chest in Library (performance. temporary)
- Removed Candles around Enchanting Table (performance.)
- Fixed Issue causing Walls to dissapear when jumping in throne room etc
- Fixed a ton of errors popping up when opening Hideout in CK
- Fixed Navigation mesh issues that were caused by 0.8.
- Fixed Followers not following through Retreat entrance (back entrence)
- Niac will wonder properly
- Followers will follow much better inside hideout now
- Shawn will wonder again
- Fixed Issues with Bookshelves in Hallway + Added Bookstops
- Urns in Cave shouldn't have 20k in them anymore
- Added all Doomstones to Library
- You "MAY," be able to move Spouses in now. (not tested.)
- Shawn Mumbles less
- Fixed more issues that I will remember later probably.

- Added some Female Mannequins
- Removed Training Dummies
- Added more Weapon Racks in Armory
- Fixed conflict with Gallows Rock
- Fixed conflict with Cragwall Slope
- Fixed conflict with all MISC Sellers having 5000 Gold
- Fixed conflict with all Chests in the game causing Dovahkiin Amulet to spawn in them
- Fixed Shawn's Pathing
- Fixed few issues being caused outside Hideout Cell
- Reverted Door Locks back to Normal, require House Key before unlocked. Doors without Vanilla Locks are now MASTER Locks requiring lockpicking
- Removed Box of Locks
- Added Whiterun Banner
- Added NPC Kane Magnus. One Handed Trainer
- Added NPC Ozwyld Baxter. Speach Craft Trainer
- Updated Book of Supporters
Books Added:
- Faith
- Lament Vol 1
- Jasus
- Khajit's Story Vol 1 - 3
- Dusty Journal

- Follower should follow into Hideout again
- Another attempt at fixing Mannequins (if this doesn't work just throw a ring or anything on a Mannequin and they will never move.)
- Fixed NPC Dialogues again
- Moved Shrines down stairs again, opposite corner
- Shawk and Niac no longer spawn in the closet some times.
- Fixed some bookshelves sorting in reverse order (may need to reset your shelves for this to take effect.)
- Merch and Criss now has 5000 gold
- Added Krimson's Banners to Doors
- Added Box of Locks with all Locks (this is an attempt to stop un wanted people coming into the hideout, some quests give NPCs house keys and allow them to enter your house, this hopefully remedies that.)
- Updated Book of Supporters
Books Added:
Alchemy for Dummies
Ashen Prophecy
Anyas Justice
Bane's Origin
Cyrodil Champion
Seren La
The Greed

- Fixed Mannequins finally (I HOPE.)
- Fixed Invisible walls
- More Bookshelves in Library
- Made house doors more obvious (Will do more later.)
- Changed Lights (I know i know, you hate it.)
- Moved Shrines upstairs in Library
- Broke all Shawk's Dialogue

0.7: Steam Revision 8.
- Optimized entire Hideout with Zone Markers and Portals. For those who decorate a lot you should notice a performance increase.
- Added the Hideout Caverns
- Added Mines to Caverns
- Added Start of Gardens at start of Caverns (will finish this next update)
- Added Quest to Niac, “Dovahkiin’s Amulet.” TESTING
- Added NPC, “Niac”
- Added Thieves Guild door going to Ragged Flaggon.
- Modified Shawk to be more lively
- Fixed Merch & Added Features (Misc Merchant)
- Modified Criss to be more lively & Became merchant (Bartender)
- Added Weapon + Shield Plaques
- Fixed Shield Plaques
- Returned the Chopping Block
- Fixed Dungeon Stairs issue
- Fixed Floating floor in Alchemy
- Fixed Floating Stendarr Shrine
- Fixed Always open Cabinet
- 7 New books
- Book of Supporters updated.

0.6.5: Steam Revision 7.
- Snipped a few issues I created in the Skyrim world, also do a lot of general fixes and organizing of Hideout.ESM for better performance.
- Fixed Rack in Breeze Home
- Thalmar were a mistake, fixed that
- Followers come in through Archemage door now
- Added me again, with voice over. I act as a guide to Hideout. I stay in the Door room. (quests soon)
- Moved rack that was causing upside down weapons
- Fixed Shield Plaques
- Added Shrine of Arkay and Nocturnal

0.6: Steam Revision 6.
- Added Bunch of stuff to Dungeons
- Removed Me and Krimson they had enough torture for now
- Moved the Racks from the Table, scattered them around. Some people really hated them on Table
- Added Merch in Doorroom
- Added door to archemage
- Changed Throne
- Fixed some issues

0.5.5: Steam Revision 5.
- Did a ton of different things to try to get Mannequins to act right with Navigation Mesh. We will see.. They are acting right for me at least. Throw me Feedback on or anywhere you see me.
- Added 40+ Weapon Racks
- Expanded Crafting Room
- Bookshelves Above Display cases in hallway
- Bookshelf in Encahanting Room behind library
- 2 More Bookshelves in Library
- Nav mesh support for back door (to retreat)
- Decorated a bit more in Bar
- Book of Supporters Edit (Thanks Guys/Girls.)
- I will be adding all Stories I have gotten lately later today (thursday.)

- Lighting issues fixed in Crafting room
- Tried a few fixes to get Mannequins working right
- Added some NPCs to liven the place up
- Moved tons around
- Remodeled Bedroom a bit
- Added some clutter to Bar
- Next update will have much more, just wanted to get this out.

- Navigation Mesh Added
- Follower Support

- Display Cases script fixed to allow Dagger placement
- Dragon-Priest Mask holders now in Museum
- Added more Dagger display cases
- Doors no longer have blue background
- Changed Angle of Crafting Chest
- Added Real Warroom Map with Flags
- Fixed Lighting issue with breezehome door
- Updated Book of Supporters
- Added Books:
Apollo and Daphni
Dragon Prophecies
Fimion Chapt 3
Nightfall in a Strange Land
Thalmor's Plan
The Comming of Zanzu'un
The Greatest Adventure of Torian Kel
*The Story of a Khajitt

- Adds exterior entrance to Skyrim
- Travel point in Skyrim

- Added The Dungeon
- Added Dragon-Priest Mask holder to Dungeon, 90% working.
- Added more shelving to Storage/Closet
- 3 Mini Mannequins
- Many new amazing stories
- Some lighting

- Added Kitchen/Bar (decorated 70%)
- Added Closet in Bedroom (only walls atm)
- Added Training area to Armory
- Modified Lighting Template & Interior Lighting Cell to look much more natural. It will be much better for a lot of you now.
- Removed the, "Fog.."
- Moved/Removed/Fixed Lighting in Library
- Added 9 Shield Plaques to Armory
- Added Ownership to bedroom bed for Higher rested bonus.
- Blocked off part of Door room for Construction
- Moved chopping block to Storage
- Added Two Mannequins too War Room
- Added Two Open chests to War Room to throw your treasures in
- Removed top floor of library Bookshelves, replaced with tables, soon to be museum. Library will get more Bookshelves in Study at end of hall (W.I.P)
- Added entryway to the Dungeon, nothing there yet.
- Added Cooking Pot to Kitchen/Bar
- Added Storage to Kitchen/Bar
- More fixes I can't remember

- Fixed the four weapon racks in Armory that were coded wrong
- Added Four working bookshelves, one library hallway is done.
- Moved and Added some Shrines
- Removed Candle in Safe
- Some other fixes I was to drunk to remember fixing

"The Armory"
- 28 More Weapon Racks
- Alchemy/Ench tables added in Crafting room for quick access
- Added 6 Pouches near Both Alchemy/Ench Labs, named properly.
- More Storage
- Table Added to Armory
- Storage Chests moved
- Storage Barrels moved
- 2 Player made Books added to Library "Epic Adventure of Haley
Golden-Knight" and "Fimion the Wood Elf."
- Supporters added to Book of Supporters


"The War Room"
- 14 More Weapon Racks
- 1 new Shield Plaque
- 1 Chest 1 Strongbox added to Alchemy Room
- 1 Chest added to Door Room
- 1 Book "The Story of Synica," added to Library
- Added Throne and more candles to War Room
- Few other things you may or may not notice


  • Added Bedroom with Storage etc etc
  • Modified and added new Armory room
  • Modified War Room to expand it
  • Two More Bookshelves Scripted.
  • Added Alchemy Room to Library
  • Added Enchanting Room to Library
  • Added Storage/Mannequin to Alchemy/Enchanting room.
  • Two New Books added to Library "Biography of Keld Ebon-Arm" & "The Story of DanniOwl's Quest"
  • Added Book of Supporters with All Supporters
  • Added some Lighting

  • Moved Satchels to Storage DONT USE IT, Remove your items

  • Moved ALL mannequins to Armory
  • Moved Shield Racks
  • Moved Enchanting and Alchemy Tables too Library
  • Entrance to Crafting area Moved

  • Fixed the Bottom shelf on the first Bookshelf.

  • Fixed angle of Books in some cases
  • Fixed Disappearing books in some cases read below
  • 270" Weapon Racks in War room moved
  • Fixed Bug causing weapons to spawn upside down on Weapon Racks.
  • Fixed Blacking light
  • Fixed Tons of Other Lighting, Brighter
  • Fixed Issue with Shield Racks
  • Fixed Activation Trigger for Mannequins
  • Deleted Satchels

- Quick fix to fix issues with Steam being lame
- Removed Niac for a little while till quest fixed
- Removed Mobs in Caves, replaced by Traps.
- Added few more mines to Caves.
- Removed old Dragon-Priest Mask holders
- Modified Entry to try to stop people from coming in Hideout (*AGAIN*)
- Fixed Mesh/Textures not working for Steam in some cases
- Fixed a few CTD issues.. I hope.

- Dovahkiin's Recall Amulet Fixed (Still WIP.)
- Added Last Bust for Priest Masks (WIP.)
- Changed Nexus version to no BSA in hopes it plays nicer with NMM
**Remove your Masks from floating old Busts**
- Fixed Trainers
- Map Marker from Retreat fixed
- Girl Mannequins moved to Bedroom Closet, Replaced by Males
**Some hate the skin textured Female Mannequins, I don't blame them, Sorry**
- Removed Mini-Mannequins and Temp Room
**I did give time to remove your items, sorry if it wasn't enough**
- Added Many more Bookshelves
- Added Door to Jorvaskr
- few more small things


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  • #63

    This is a brilliant mod! I know that you said you may stop updating this one because of of the castle and other projects, but I just would like to suggest a few things:

    1) access to the Archmage quarters (key required)

    2) respawning plants for harvesting ingredients (particularly if those plants are not in the archmage  quarters)

    3)  more shelves that work so that I can store potions etc (to add a little color to the place too by doing so)

    4) a more detailed map of the interior

    5) I know this is probably very time consuming and difficult, but to better balance the game, perhaps an associated cost for each room or access to each house? I'm sure there are many others with more money than they know what to do with, and I would happily exchange gold for all this storage space and easy access to a smelter, arcane enchanter, shrines etc.

     Thanks so much! You really earned the award and cash you received!

    Keep up the great work!




  • #62

    Hey iam haveing trouble installing the mod i tried downloading through curse client but the hatch to get to the hideout did not appear in brezehome?? i then tried extracting the files into the data folder and it still didnt work. i know iam probally doing something reallly noobish but i have no problem with other mods.

  • #61

    arggggghhh. Sigh I updated Dovahkiin hideout from Skyrim...and guess what lost everything. Dam.

    It's a freaky place now, I went in and there's a manikin walking around the throne room and a dude in the blacksmith room. Place got raided! Have to find a way to get back gear back.


    Its a good mod, but you know what I think Im going to wait till its done. Complete because you change stuff and its iffy if Im going to loose everything. My alchemy set, smith set, the unique daedric items everything. I saved a game on file luckily. So I'll see what I can do. But it's like It's getting a bit too big for me now though. Used to be a kind of hideway, now with these walking manekins around its like my favorite spot has been invaded.

    One day later. So I uninstalled DH from the Steam upload. And copied a saved game I had backed up in Explorer, over into the mygames / skyrim / saves folder. I downloaded the add this time from Curse -and then loaded up the save game. Everythings back, the most updated curse folder doesn't have the people walking around. Which I like, so I'm going to keep with the Curse upload for this mod.


    Last edited by hinetoa on 2/10/2012 3:55:56 PM
  • #60

    Would Donate if I could matey, just dont have the access to do so...

    But regardless Its an Excellent addon, Lots to explore and so many promising things to find, There is a locked door at the end, is this for Extra's to come? If So I am very intrigued to keep checking for updates! Infact, I feel the need to check now!


    Thanks for adding a new addiction to my addiction list of Skyrim!

  • #59

    Excellent work

    I liked the decoration of the dungeon 
    I see that you make the pauses in the construction in the dungeon he he

    but let me inform you that too much Mead makes buzzed in the ears and to see in quadruplicate lol.
    It must be of the bees.

    wine is more advantageous 

    no buzz and u see in duplicate only lol  but it relaxes more

    tanks for gorgeous mod

  • #58

    WOW awesome mod mate really good i wanna make some suggetions : why r the gods in the side take them up the stairs in library , and maybe a balcony at the end of the house(wer it is blank) ??, and iam hoping a clean dungeon for next update :)




    thanx man

  • #57

    Awesome Mod... and before the creation kit, even... Nice Job mate! Looking forward to updates one it come out... maybe go on quests to create portals to you different homes in each city... maybe finding certain power suppies to power those portals... just some thoughts! Also, item to note (assuming not noted already) some of the bookcases dont seem to allow you to open them. is that by design?


    Again, THANKS! love the MOD

    Last edited by Euther on 2/5/2012 4:02:56 PM
  • #56
    Problems with Dovahkiin Hideout

    There seems to be a bug with some of the manekins in 4.1. They are mixing up their contents when you save and reload. This seems to happen with the 3 manekins along the wall opposite the crafting room entrance. I've completely uninstalled the mod removed all the files and reinstalled it again with clean saves but it still happens the next time you save and reload. I'm removing my valuables from the hideout for now till this can be resolved.

    PS. I wondered if it was the Skyrim 1.4 update that caused the problem so i just rolled back to version 3.8 of the hideout and that is still working fine so it does seem be version 4.1 that has the problems.


    Last edited by windbound on 2/4/2012 12:16:48 PM
  • #55

    Thx!! :)


  • #53

    I really like the mod.

    1 Question. what's the id of the open chest.

    I am searching verylong.




  • #54

    Hey Trol,

    ID for those chests is 000FC597

  • #51

    Great mod as I'm sure your aware of.  It has everything, more than everything.  All works great and looks wonderful.  The only thing you could do to improve it would be to make it so followers and Housecarls will enter also.  All that space and no people.  I wish it was like Oblivion Elder Scrolls the companion mods allowed several companions to acompany you where ever you wanted.  They would stay where you told them to stay but would go about a normal routine. Talk to each other, eat, sit, walk around and sleep at night if a bed was available.  So of course if you had 5 companions and 3 beds it was a bit of a problem.

    Sorry for all the information anyway keep on modding..



    This is my old E-mail address.  I'm not sure why your site will not allow [email protected] which is my current e-mail address and works for everyother person and site.

  • #52

    Hey GreyRoyce - This is the plan moving on with CK etc, it just isn't possible without The Navigation Mesh that I require.

  • #50

    Cancelled support area!? :( All because people have to cry and moan... Should make a seperate mod given to the supports with the fun stuff.

  • #49

    Love this mod, now just need the stuff to fill everything.

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