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Light Ebony Full Retex - TCS

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  • Updated 11/19/2011
  • Created 11/18/2011
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: Retexture Pack V.1.1 - Fixed Archive

About Light Ebony Full Retex - TCS

Edit: I screwed up and only put the "armor" folder in the archive. Version 1.1 fixes this issue. I also added a Change Log, though I don't think I'll be using it often.

Hey, here's another retexture pack for you.

This one retextures the Ebony armor and weapons to have a much lighter, silvery-steel look. The reason I made this retexture is because I like the Ebony armor, but I don't want to always walk around looking like the black knight. The game is lacking in "light" armor, as well.


This includes new textures for the Ebony Mail armor piece and the Ebony Blade weapon.


To install, extract the texture folder into:
Steam > SteamApps > Common > Skyrim > Data
If you are asked to merge the folder, say yes.


To temporarily disable any of the textures in this mod and revert back to the original

textures, navigate to:
~ Weapons:
Skyrim > Data > textures > weapons > (ebony or ebonyblade)
~ Armor:
Skyrim > Data > textures > weapons > (ebonyarmor or ebonymail) > (f or m)

Rename the texture for the piece you wish to revert back to the normal textures. (check the "uninstall" list to see what the textures need to be called to be active) If the file is no longer named properly, the "texture path" will be broken, and the game will return to using the textures packaged in "textures.bsa"

  • The folder "f" has all of the female armor, "m" has all of the male armor.
  • The Shield is under the "weapons > ebony" folder.


To uninstall, navigate to the following folders:
Skyrim > Data > textures > weapons > ebony
Skyrim > Data > textures > weapons > ebonyblade
Skyrim > Data > textures > armor > ebonyarmor
Skyrim > Data > textures > armor > ebonymail

In each weapon folder, delete the following textures:

weapons > ebony:
ebony shield_d

weapons > ebonyblade:

armor > ebonyarmor > f:

armor > ebonyarmor > m:

armor > ebonymail > f:

armor > ebonymail > m:

Change Log

Version 1.1: Uploaded a fixed file that contains all textures.
Version 1.0: Initial Upload. Contains only the armor textures, because I forgot to add the weapon textures in. Fixed in 1.1

Legal and Thanks

No one may use my textures without notifying me first. If they are used in screenshots, a note must be made on the screenshot description to say where to get the textures. Why? It's nice to show people where all the fancy mods on your screenshots came from.

If you wish to upload this to a site outside of skyrimnexus or skyrimforge, you MUST message me so we can sort something out.

Thanks to Bethesda for the great game and for the textures I edited to make this.

Tools used were Photoshop and 7zip

Version 1.1:
~ Fixed Archive
~ ~ V.1 Archive did not include the "weapon" folder, as I forgot to add it in. This meant only the armors were retextured.

Version 1:
~ Official Release
~ ~ Contains all Ebony armor and weapon textures that were made.
~ Likely to be the final version.


  • #6

    I love the idea. I just think it could be better (Gold decour, silvery-white metal, grey underarmor, and maybe changing the cloth to blue). Love where this mod is going, keep it up.

  • #5

    To "Retexture" means to alter the texture to change it into something that it wasn't before, and replace said texture on the item in the game. So by all rights, I can call this a "Retexture" and no one can rightfully say I'm using the word wrong, even if all I truly did was alter the contrast and brightness, then apply a slight blur to make the texture look cleaner.

  • #2

    I saw retexture and thought you actually retextured it.. good use of the brightness and contrast tool i guess.


  • #1

    I like it. I was just telling my friend that ebony looks a bit like dark paladin Cecil from Final Fantasy.

    This looks like a light paladin and looks very nice.

  • #3

    Totally Agreed!

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