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Lockpick Pro

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  • Skyrim
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  • Updated 11/18/2011
  • Created 11/14/2011
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  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: Lockpick Pro (v2)

About Lockpick Pro

This mod adds a bar at the top of the screen while picking a lock which shows you the 'sweet spot' of the lock. It also shows the health of the current lockpick.


Place 'lockpickingmenu.swf' in [Skyrim installation folder]/Data/Interface


Simply remove the file!


Enjoy :)

Mod by: Kenney Vleugels

Version 2: Adds support for Nexus Mod Manager and adds a settings file where you can choose whether you'd like to display the bar or only the lockpick health! Version 1: Initial release


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  • #42

    Thanks,that's cool ;D

  • #41

    This isn't cheating. hitting ` and typing TGM and hitting enter is cheating lol. If you'd like your jaw to hit the floor hit ` type: coc qasmoke hit enter, and hit ` again...

    If you really want to lockpick like a champ learn the developer commands on your own or google them up. like player.additem 0003A070 1  to drop a skeleton key into your inventory....Or maybe you're feeling froggy an want to see whiterun get completely destroyed by typing player.placeatme FF00217C 50    hell, you could be tired of getting caught pickpocketing or sneaking and type TDETECT...etc. etc. the list goes on. 

    Last edited by GenocideAndCake on 3/3/2012 1:06:56 AM
  • #39

    This would make life easier. Why don't you make a version that it is a perk? I mean, everyone's complaining on how it's "cheating" so it should be a perk skill. And you would need to have a skill of 100 to use it. Either way.

  • #38


  • #37

    I cant find the place where the files need to go. Can anyone help me?

  • #43
    Quote from TheSlamancianMiner »

    I cant find the place where the files need to go. Can anyone help me?

    Hey,I can help you.You have got Skyrim on steam or not on steam?

    If steam,then you must go to:

    Computer ->disc with steam -> Steam -> SteamApps -> common -> skyrim -> data -> interface

    Drag all files from downloaded folder to this folder


  • #40

    Computer, Local Disk, Program Files (x86) could be "program files, steam, steamapps, common, skyrim, data, interface :)


  • #36

    Fantastic mod. Thank you for your time and effort to make this. I hated the lockpicking part of the game anyway. Now I can move on and enjoy the game without the bother of breaking any more lockpicks.

  • #35

    I dont know what to call this, the game cheat by moving the sweet spot on the same lock from side to side then i think this is a ok tool, I do not use it or other mods, I think the game lots og problems no need to make en more bad. 

  • #50

    learn to spell before criticising anything about a game or a mod of said game

  • #33
    Re: Lockpick Pro and Steam

    I guess if I run the game via steam I won't be able to use the mod .... Correct?



  • #34

    //Steam/Steam Apps/common/skyrim/Data/Interface


  • #32

    This mod is great for what it was intended for.

    I was hoping for something a bit different when I read its description. I was hoping for a bar that started out revealing nothing about the sweet spot, but whenever you reached the lockpick-damaging stage of an attempt, would draw a vertical colored line. Black where there's no progress at all, and the varying colors you used for the partially successful areas.

    That would be a huge help in removing the frustrations of lockpicking without making it easier to solve. It wouldn't be a "cheat" as some people are complaining, but an interface that helps you keep track of what you were doing while you were doing it the hard way. Without any addons, I'm reduced to having to memorize the exact patina-blemish that the righthand side of the lockpick was touching, so that next time, I could start a little to the right or left of it (which is frankly annoying); being able to move the triangular cursor to a mark I made would be much easier.

    Heck, even having just a number giving the last attempt's angle and the current position of the pick would be better than the default interface for me.

  • #31

    Could you people whine anymore? If you don't like the addon, DONT use it. It really is quite simple. If you think it's cheating and dont like to cheat, then DONT cheat.... To the person that said OH what's next maybe a god mode?! Yes there is a god mode in the game.

    Not everyone plays with the same idyllic view of the game behind them, some just enjoy unabashed fun :). Don't take their fun away because you are a grumpy little kid.

  • #30

    looks good, the only reason I would use this is for characters that I dont want to waste perks points for lockpicking (ie.. mages)

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