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Magic/items left-right hand

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  • Skyrim
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  • Updated 11/12/2011
  • Created 11/12/2011
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: mod created by eliotcougar.
  • Newest File: Skyrim pc-controls
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About Magic/items left-right hand

Mod for assign magic or item to left/righ hand.

Choose item you want and press LEFT or RIGHT at you NUMPAD.

Middle mouse button-arm/disarm

Press "C" to approach item in inventory

mod created by eliotcougar.

Unpack to you game directory.

1.0 release


  • #8

    its not letting me mouse click in my favorites menu.

  • #7

    This really helped a lot with my mage, since it refused to unequip right hand spells unless I equipped a weapon first. Quite comfortable and quick with my naga too. Thank you.

  • #5

    how does this exactly work? I see no difference rather just left/right clicking? 

  • #4

    Довольно неплохо...автору респект))))

  • #3

    Well, i´m just wondering what this mod actually does...

    Seems to me that it only works, if you open your Inventory and equip the item there with num4 / num6, but i found no way to use this with hotkeys during fights without opening the inventory. If thats the whole mod, its completly useless, because you can equip weapons/spells in right or left hand in your inventory by clicking the item with right or left mouse.



    Yeah that works with spells, but not with Dual Wield. If you want to equip two different weapons through hotkeys, the first Weapon gets replaced by the second. Equipping two weapons by hotkeys only works if these two weapons are exactly the same, so you can equip both with the same hotkey. Works at the beginning of the game quite fine, but when you start using enchanted weapons, it won´t work anymore because of the charges both items lose with every hit. --> after the first hit the weapons won´t stack in your inventory, so you can´t set the same hotkey on both weapons

  • #1

    God is this a nice solution...

    However, is there any way to make it so NUM4/NUM6's effects under this mod, are transferred to E/MOUSE2?

    Because the PS3 version is great with quick-select, and spell selection.

    The PC, if I have sword/shield equipped, and want to equip Ward/Heal to L/R hands respectively, I have to equip ward, replaces shield, unequip sword, not hotkey, but manually equip heal. Total FML.

    At least the PC has hotkeys. But they act dumb a lot. If I have Heal/Sword equipped, and want to dual wield, hotkey my axe, replaces my sword... wish you can set hotkeys so as to say "When Axe of Something is hotkeyed, always attempt to replace left, instead of default right."

  • #2

    Just fyi, if you hotkey a spell, and click it twice, it goes in both hands, so if you hotkey heal to 1, and ward to 2, press 1-1-2 will give you ward in left, heal in right.


  • #6

    That's the whole point, what if I just finished dual casting bound sword? The extended duration bound sword will automatically be in my left hand, causing any further hotkey-usage to make my bound sword dispel, which is absolutely retarded.

    I was looking at this thinking it might be a solution.

    It would allow me to do handy things like shield-spell, boundsword/shield with dualcasting capabilities (for god's sake bethesda, did you ever stop to think people might like a shield in their right hand?) and other similar annoyances.

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