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Nightstalker Gear

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  • Updated 06/14/2012
  • Created 06/05/2012
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  • Newest File: Nightstalker Gear v1.3

About Nightstalker Gear

This mod is basically a bunch of armor and weapons spawning inside Breezehome. I wanted a dark badass-looking heavy armor set but found none appealing (rolled with fully upgraded daedric armor and 2h sword). I found it very annoying to swap gear between 2h enchants and destruction enchants (for ranged and AoE). This gave me the idea of creating a mod. Now I have a mod with a full armor set for both light and heavy armor users plus weapons and a single destruction spell. The gear is created to cover all the skills a standard skyrim character might use and have values that should match fully upgraded and enchanted daedric/dragonscale armor and a few other special items. It is therefore extremely overpowered early game and I created it mainly for Master difficulty gameplay above level 40. I found my slef extremely powerful with my daedric armor but very restricted to a single look and playstyle and that is where this mod comes into the picture. The gear is slightly better than fully enchanted and upgraded gear but in addition it holds stats for all playstyles. Tooltips for the enchants are missing but I will probably update that.

Important Information Below!

1. The gear can be found inside Breezehome in Whiterun

2. The mod includes 2 gear sets. One for heavy armor and one for light armor. Each set includes a shield (which is not counted as a weapon) and jewelry.

3. The weapons included are: 2x Onehanded Sword, 1x Twohanded Sword, 2x Dagger, 1x Bow


The update features nerfs to pretty much all gear pieces and their enchants along with a new heavy chest (the old chest nerfed a lot and a new chest added with a different look which matches the idea of "heavy armor" better.

In addition to the above I've added more arrows!



More gear adjustments:
More magic resist on the shield and necklace.
60% sneak added to chest and nerf to sneak of boots makes for a buff from 80% to a total of 120% sneak.
100 health added to chest.
Base armor on the light armor gear set increased by about 30 in total.
+50 arrows!
Weapon enchant adjustments - Frost damage removed and stamina/health absorb buffed slightly.
Boots and gloves with Nightingale look added to the Light Armor set (2 new items).
Rename of previous boots to "Stompers"



There is now 200 arrows!
More gear adjustments (minor changes to enchants)
Shout cooldown reduction removed form head (if you equipped an Amulet of Talos, the game would bug and cooldown on all shouts would be negative, practically causing all shouts to be usable all the time with no cooldown). This could also happen when updating the mod.
The bow have had some adjustments to prevent buggs such as wierd 3rd person animations and being unable to load while in third person.


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  • #25

    Help?? if i turn the mod on and i enter breeze home it gets stuck in the loading screen, i tried visiting my other houses but they load fine and quick. however entering breeze home makes it get stuck at loading screen i tried disabling the mod and going in breezehome saving there then i turned the mod on again and load my savefile, same thing happens. I also tried putting it on the load list last,middle, then first but it still wont let me in breeze home. Any suggestions??

  • #24

    Where does it spawn, because I looked all over Breezehome and the chest and i cant found it

  • #23
    Nightstalker Gear Console Codes?

    I used my heavy set on my own toon in Skyrim and used the light set on my follower Lydia but then she got killed. I used console to resurrect her but she came back minus the gear.

    Is there a full list of console codes for these Nightstalker gear items so they can be easily "regenerated" as needed?


     Edit: I had just completed some quests and didn't want to go back to a previous save to restore Lydia with the gear. Figured would be easier if there were console codes for it.

    2nd Edit: Now I REALLY need some codes to restore- I did the quest where you get locked up in the mines. They took everything away. Was able to console-code some things back but cannot regain the Nightstalker Gear - seems it is lost for the rest of the game, seems I'm not gonna get it back at all.


    Last edited by Nyrva on 5/8/2014 10:16:23 PM
  • #21

    I have skyrim installed via Steam, where do I put this file so that it will work?

  • #20

    How is this an addon?

    In one image you have the quest reward from the Theivs Guild, and in the other image you have ebon armor mixed with that quest reward.

    What are you trying to pull here dude?

  • #19

    HELP!! I accidentaly disenchanted my boots! Do you have the item codes for the armor that we might be able 'respawn' them?

  • #18

    Were is the gear?


  • #16

    No on the last version it was both ebony and all nightengale that being said it still does not explain why with v1.3 installed my game client locksup when I try to enter the house.


  • #15

    Its Ebony Armor with Nightingale Hood?

  • #14

    I had to do a total reinstall of all of my Steam games due to a bad SSD. After replacing it an getting all of my games reinstalled, I added you mod since it's so great. but when I enter the house and get the armor I am once again faced with the same problem I reported to yoiu several months age that getting the boots and gloved for the light armor look like heavey ebony armor pieces. I have not installed any of the mods that effect the house and installed the version on curse (v1.1) but I STLL HAVE THE ESTETIC PROBLEM. I tried the manual download from this page (v1.3) but when installed it locks up my client!

    Last edited by QuestorWI1 on 12/17/2012 12:03:30 PM
  • #13

    if i turn off this mod will i still have the stuff? and if i turn it back on will it respawn? 

  • #12

    Great mod..... if your have trouble try saving outside of the breeze home than going in. i found a slight delay when i walked in as the items was spawning and falling from the cieling. lol great stuff. 

  • #10

    I'm noob when it comes around to modding for Skyrim so can you tell me how to install this?


  • #9

    mine keeps crashing PLS HELP ME!!!!

  • #7

    I am sorry, but I don't know how to respawn the arrows. I could make a crafting recipe come wih the mod, though it would require ebony smithing to fit lore. I've added 2 screenshots representing the 2 gear sets. The one set I don't show is just looking exactly like the Nightingale armor.

    The gear is really overpowered in low levels because that armor and weapon damage is not upgradeable through blacksmithing. To fit the damage and armor of my fully upgraded deadric set, I had to tune the values up granting larger bonuses compared to all other gear until you reach skill 100 in blacksmithing and enchanting which is pretty late in the game unless you focus intensively on it. 

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