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Skyrim Better Performance

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  • Updated 11/15/2011
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About Skyrim Better Performance

[User @nix9862 was not allowed to upload my file to nexus, please retain from downloading it from there.]

Fus Ro Dah! You run oblivion on highest settings? Skyrim only on High or Medium with annoying freezes or lags? This file is for you! You can jump from Medium to Ultra in less than 1 minute!

Quick Update - 3/25/2013

Skyrim Better Performance works now with LATEST version of Skyrim [5 - 7 FPS Gain]**


I was encountering lags on High settings with old .dll file, So i decided to make new one for Skyrim with big succes mostly because the most problems in Bethesda games had same issues that caused FPS drop. Currently im playing on High settings without any freezes or lags etc. Before i used this dll. my auto detect settings set game to MEDIUM quality after repleacing .dll auto detect settings set game to HIGH quality. Also my FPS went up over by 10-15 So this is really very much.

Additional informations:

This works only with Nvidia cards. It allows transparency AA so trees and grass will look much better if you have AA turned On. But i highly recommed to turn off AA and enable FXAA (Better performance)


1. Download file. 2. Make backup of your original d3d9.dll file - IMPORTANT 3. Copy d3d9.dll File to your Skyrim folder. It goes in your regular game folder where Skyrim.exe is located, not in the "data" folder with the mods or other files/folders.

If you placed .dll file in right place launcher will re-scan settings, and you will have to set them again.

Known bugs:

- Launcher Bug - d3d9.dll will change name of your Graphic Adapter in settings from (example) Nvidia GeForce9600GT to GeForce 8800 GS, This really doesn't matter. - Might crash with 2 monitors or more. - Many peoples might get crash with Crossfire or SLI enabled. - Usually (but doesn't have to) crashes with XFIRE possible fix for this - In Xfire go to Tools>options>'game' tab and click on the checkbox "Disable Xfire in game"


1. It does not change any files! Just delete .dll file you downloaded and place the old one if you maked backup of course if not you will have to download original .dll file for Skyrim or reinstall game.


Note: this works no matter ENB mods are also present or not. Examples of non-ENB d3d9.dll-based mods: Standalone SMAA, FXAA Post Process Injector.

1. Rename other d3d9.dll to, say, d3d9_other.dll

2. Edit HiAlgoBoost.ini so that the part of [PROXY] section looks as following:


EnableProxy_d3d9 = true ; Can be used to load Standalone SMAA,... ProxyLibrary_d3d9 = d3d9_other.dll


- Make sure you are running the launcher or .exe shortcut as administrator if you have crash when launching.

- This isn't lowering your Graphics.

- Some peoples asked if it will work with AA turned on? Answer: YES it will work however it works much better with FXAA (More FPS / almost the same graphics quality)

- If you don't have d3d9.dll in your game folder don't worry! Just place my .dll in game folder and if you will want to uninstall it just simply delete it.

- I highly recommend to lower Anisiotropic Filtering because it might cause freezes etc. pretty much.

- Mod might don't work on some Graphic Cards from GTX series and others.

- If you have issues, try updating your official DX runtime first from Microsoft, a quick google search for "DirectX End User Runtime" will get you what you need.

- DX is card/driver agnostic, so it should run on any card, though the particular optimization in this likely favors older nVidia cards of the pre G200 cores, so 9000 and 8000 series. If you have performance issues, instead of using this mod turn off AA and use FXAA. In the game launcher you can find this advanced option. It is a post process (after rendering) algorithm that removes jagged edges without much loss of fidelity or framerate.

UPDATES: 1.1 - Fixed up few things. 1.1 - Supports now Skyrim Latest Patch (Dragonborn)

Enjoy! Meritus aka meritus335.

Works with most Nvidia Cards.


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  • #85

    If anybody have troubles with installing file or don't know where put it here is video created by "JoshFilmsUK"

    About mod now...

    I have to say i won't update it to 1.2 version.
    1.3 patch resolved 98% of bugs that my .dll was fixing.
    Bethesda done many good changes in game engine.

    If you play Skyrim on version 1.0 - 1.2 you can use it.
    For 1.3 it's useless, propably next patch for Skyrim will correct last bugs that caused performance drop.


    Hmm...No there isn't any way to downgrade it right now.
    You have to make clean istall and play game without steam runned cuz it will not allow you play it because of patch.

    Last edited by meritus335 on 12/16/2011 2:34:42 PM

    Skyrim Better Performance!

    Youtube: Riverwood Guard
    Curse: Meritus335,
    Minecraft Forums: Meritus

  • #86

    If you say 1.3 fixxed whaat this dll did then I'll try again since I replaced it before even starting with the patched one.

  • #84

    Thanks for the answer. You know a way to downgrade it or something? Since it patches automatically in Steam and it's unplayable now for me :(

  • #83

    Mod doesn't work for 1.3 yet.
    Stay tuned for next update (maybe)
    Right now i dont have much time so it won't be released fast or even might not be released it depends on my job.

    By the way.
    Mod was created for standard version of Skyrim not patched.

    Last edited by meritus335 on 12/13/2011 1:18:50 PM

    Skyrim Better Performance!

    Youtube: Riverwood Guard
    Curse: Meritus335,
    Minecraft Forums: Meritus

  • #81

    Sadly wasnt working for me :(
    dropped it in skyrim like u said... could u clarify just one thing? Is it My Games>Skyrim, or Steamapps>common>skyrim, or steamapps>common>skyrim>skyrim? none of them seem to work for me. It auto-detects and sets to high like it used to before the mod, but the performance is still choppy enough that i set it to medium to be properly playable. No change for me.
    im running nvidia geforce 525m, 8 gig ddr3, windows 7 64bit, in case it matters. Would it be something isolated to windows 7? I know skyrim isnt brilliantly optimised for win7.
    thanks in advance x 

  • #80

    So I used this with 1.2 and I could suddelny play on highest settings with 80 fps. Before it was 40 on medium. But the newest patch (1.3) has broken it for me. It seems as if it's like with the standard dll file. Maybe need an update or can I downgrade my Skyrim or somethinng?

  • #76

    Thank you for sharing this .dll file.

    I am able to play with High settings (with little lag, barely noticeable), I was using Low settings (with big lag once a 10 minutes).


    Once again, thank you!

  • #75

    Dear Meritus335,


    I have been using your mod for Skyrim play for a few days now. Here are my posted FPS results recorded from FRAPS as well as my computer specs.


    Before your mod:

    (On a good day) between 15-30 FPS avg. Max of 60. Min of 7

    (On a bad day) between 5-15 FPS avg. Max of 60. Min of 1


    After I installed your mod (checked and double checked to see if your mod was installed properly, it was)

    (On a good day) between 15-30 FPS avg. Max of 60 (load screens) Min of 8.

    (On a bad day) between 5-15 FPS avg. Max of 60. Min of 3.


    From this evidence, your mod seems to enhance performance on my computer SLIGHTLY, however, this change is barely noticeable.


    Computer specs:

    Quadcore Mac intel i7 running on Windows XP SP3. 3Gig RAM. 1TB HD.

    Graphics card: ATI Radeon 5750

    DirectX 9.0c (Latest version for my OS)


    I have removed your mod and hope that performance is drastically improved in the future. Thank you for providing me a free service, it was an experience I learned a bit from.



    P.S. Ever play the game Meritus? :)




  • #79

    This mod isn't recommended if you can play game on high/ultra settings.

    Skyrim Better Performance!

    Youtube: Riverwood Guard
    Curse: Meritus335,
    Minecraft Forums: Meritus

  • #74

    so i downloaded winrar, and still can not open your file. help >_<

  • #78

    Do NOT open this file with WinRaR because it's .dll
    (My mistake because you needed winrar when i uploaded it to nxs)
    Just download and place in skyrim folder.

    Skyrim Better Performance!

    Youtube: Riverwood Guard
    Curse: Meritus335,
    Minecraft Forums: Meritus

  • #72

    hello meritus335, i've read everything in the description and tried to install the file.  I dont know if it's working as it should? I have placed the file in 'The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim' and in the 'Skyrim' folder. But i dont think it increases my framerate at all :( any ideas?


    [removed references to piracy.]

    Last edited by wishfire on 12/6/2011 11:50:08 AM
  • #77

    Check with FRAPS

    Skyrim Better Performance!

    Youtube: Riverwood Guard
    Curse: Meritus335,
    Minecraft Forums: Meritus

  • #71

    I am confused by what you said


     "Mod will work with other graphic mods like FXAA just be sure to do NOT repleace .dll file."


    Uh, so how am I supposed to use your .dll and get FXAA to work at the same time?

  • #73

    Just don't place .dll from FXAA.

    Skyrim Better Performance!

    Youtube: Riverwood Guard
    Curse: Meritus335,
    Minecraft Forums: Meritus

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