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Skyrim Profile Manager

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  • Skyrim
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  • Updated 11/19/2011
  • Created 11/18/2011
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: Skyrim Profile Manager v1.31

About Skyrim Profile Manager

This is a simple launcher that manages individual save profiles. Skyrim natively doesn't organize your saves very well, this allows you to have multiple characters with multiple autosaves, etc.
Changelog: Fixed a name parsing issue where it wouldn't generate folders on multiple digit save numbers. (Thanks to Zedsterx for the feedback) Fixed a bug where it wouldn't correctly grab the SkyrimLauncher.exe and cause exceptions.(Thanks to Jcmcgrath for the feedback) Fixed a bug where if the program was prematurely quit, it wouldn't properly register your last played character. (and thus correctly copy them to the folder on next game launch). Zipped the file up. Tried to upload the exe but it got rejected for the zip being unreadable (lol I wonder why)


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  • #31

    This f****** s*** ruined hours of playing, thephoenix777 go **** yourself you b******, i recommend NOT TO DOWNLOAD this piece of s*** cause it will mess with your saves and won't be able to import them anymore.

  • #30

    Checked this with the Virus Total website, it found 0, nada, ziltch.


    Link to the spesific scan:


    I cant say much of anyting else though about this mod.

  • #29

    PLEASE DO DOWNLOAD AS THIS IS AN EXCELLANT ADDON.  I also have a few comments as to what I have read here in this thread.

    1.) Accusing a developer of deliberately creating mal-ware is an extremely serious charge. Before you do this I recommend testing out to see if this is true, and by testing I don't mean extracting something to your desktop, mashing the icon a bunch of times, and being amazed you don't understand what it's doing.

    2.) It does not run a hidden process.  What I am guessing you did was ctrl-alt-delete, saw the name of the directory you had open in Applications, thought you had tech-guru'ed your way into running processes and freaked out.  Again, the addon is what would once have been called a basic batch file.  It looks at what character you want to run, moves the files around, and then terminates.

    3.) I realize this is an older thread but It's a shame that the last several posters are negative as well as ill-informed.  On the basis of this ignorance many that are finally getting around to this game are missing this excellent addon, adding one of the few addon features I see here that should have been incorporated into the game itself.

    In short, excercise some initiative and find out what the heck you are talking about before posting, accusing a developer of engineering some malignant hack when they were trying to give you added game functionality for free.  You might even learn something.

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    Last edited by powaa00 on 1/9/2012 1:41:41 AM
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    Works fine with latest patch, on Windows 7 x64.

    Make sure you have a game selected from the drop down menu before you launch skyrim. As an alternative you can use this to load the profile you want, then launch skyrim from the 4gb version so you can utilize more memory with skyrim if they haven't already patched this.

    Also noticed that if you try to launch the game without a profile selected there is an error, perhaps in the next patch perhaps it could save the last profile selected in the drop down.

    Overall I love this program as its very handy in managing different profiles in skyrim and no longer should you fear in saving over a different game.


  • #23

    Game froze then set me back 2 or 3 hours and deleted my main.  Great mod.

  • #22

    doesn't work with windows 7/ x64/ skyrim 1.3 patch./

  • #21

    Well well, seems like this fucked up my main character. I made a new profile, created a character on it, played on it for a while, decided to play my main character, chose the right profile, started playing and BOOM -> I only had those three saves I had saved manually (newest one was from 12 levels behind). All autosaves & quicksaves were from my level 5 secondary character. I tried returning backups from SaveBackups & Main character's folder and still the auto & quicksaves where the same :/

  • #20

    lol, too much work i went and downloaded a quicker and more efficient save manager off some european website lol, thank god it was in english too

  • #19

    For those creating a character and then not having it listed in the profile manager, you can either do what the comment below me said and create a new folder and stick the saves in there.  Or you can use the Profile Manager's "Perform startup file work" feature (found in Settings, which is that cogwheel button), which as it says will overwrite auto/quick saves, but it will detect the new characters and create folders and move the files for you.  Make sure you don't have any important progress saved in an AutoSave or a QuickSave before doing this.

    Those of you scared to delete or uninstall this program for fear of not being able to access your saves: this program only manages files and folders by copying files around - even if you delete a profile it will not delete the save files.  Hell, you don't even need to load this addon to get to your saves, it doesn't hook itself in or anything, your saves are just in a folder (which I hope you know where that is...) and it just organizes them for you.

    Those of you claiming you played, saved and then could not find the files you saved, probably aren't selecting the right profile.  If you saved the game, the saves are there, I promise you that.  So make sure you have the right profile selected and make sure you launch the game through the program (You have to use that button because it doesn't move any files until you hit that button, the author said he'll create a "load profile" button in later versions that won't also launch Skyrim).

    It's simple:  Skyrim looks in the "Saves" folder for files to load - it does not look into subdirectories.  This mod creates subdirectories for each of your different characters, and moves the files between them as you load profile, so that Skyrim will only see the saves for that particular character.  So if Skyrim sees nothing in the "Saves" folder (meaning all files were put into their relative folder), the load option will appear greyed out.  To fix this:  either use the program and select a profile, or move the files yourself from their subdirectory into the "Saves" folder.

    Just to clarify once again, this program doesn't inhibit access to your saves.  It doesn't delete your saves, instead it backs them up in a BackupSaves folder.

    Last edited by Sycus on 11/27/2011 5:06:22 PM
  • #18

    Ok, here's how I fixed the problem with the character not being in the list after shutting down the game.

    1. Create the character and save the game.
    2. Exit the game
    3. Close the launcher
    4. Find your save folder (.../Documents/My Games/Skyrim/Saves/)
    5. Create a new folder in it with you characters name
    6. Copy all save files into that folder

    Now when you open the launcher, it's in the list.

    I recommend taking a backup of the save folder before doing such a thing as installing a save manager.

    I really, really like this mod, though this shoud have been implemented into the game. I hope the modding tools that are comming will allow this to be implemented into the main menu itself.

    Last edited by GisleAune on 11/26/2011 4:35:31 PM
  • #17

    its the same i chose the new character option to create a new character but upon exiting it does not save that new character's profile to the manager, altho if i dont switch profiles my new char profile remains on skyrim as long as i launch normally, come up with a fix so i can switch back to my other chars plz lol

  • #16

    Okay, how to I uninstall it?  I'm afraid to delete it and lose access to my saves.

  • #14

    Where does it save games?  it does not save them where the game normaly saves them.  It did create a backup folder, and placed a copy of every save i made before using the program.  then i played all night, saving loading all just fine.  closed the game, slept, went to work, now im back and there are no traces of saves from last night.  its like i did nothing after intalling this program.  if i launch skyrim without using this program i have no option to load at all.  does this program save my files in a new directory?

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