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Skyrim Profile Manager

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  • Updated 11/19/2011
  • Created 11/18/2011
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: Skyrim Profile Manager v1.31

About Skyrim Profile Manager

This is a simple launcher that manages individual save profiles. Skyrim natively doesn't organize your saves very well, this allows you to have multiple characters with multiple autosaves, etc.
Changelog: Fixed a name parsing issue where it wouldn't generate folders on multiple digit save numbers. (Thanks to Zedsterx for the feedback) Fixed a bug where it wouldn't correctly grab the SkyrimLauncher.exe and cause exceptions.(Thanks to Jcmcgrath for the feedback) Fixed a bug where if the program was prematurely quit, it wouldn't properly register your last played character. (and thus correctly copy them to the folder on next game launch). Zipped the file up. Tried to upload the exe but it got rejected for the zip being unreadable (lol I wonder why)


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  • #15

    You know, i think it might be due to it not detecting my save games folder before.  so.. maybe you could throw in an error message when that happens.

  • #13

    I downloaded this program, and upon extracting norton deleted it cause it said it was infected. Any reason this would cause this? I assume the developer didn't intentionally put a virus into the mod, anyone else get this from norton?

  • #25

    I haven't had a problem since, not sure what it was.

  • #12

    Edit: Nvm figured it out -- great mod

    Edit 2: Hmm started new charactor went to save after 2 hours and it crashed -- have no option to load from a quicksave. Any help?

    Last edited by Deadrisen1 on 11/22/2011 7:44:08 PM
  • #9

    I'm trying to run the application, but it just starts a process that I can't see. Is there a specific place I should put it?

  • #11

    I had this problem at first too. I think the confusion is that no box or windows opened up to let you know that it is working as it is copying the saves into all of the different folders it uses. But you can tell that is working by harddrive and CPU usage, just be patient and it will finish and let you choose your profile. Nice Work BTW, really digging the simplicity of the interface opposed to sorting through saves in game.

  • #10

    Tried to recreate your problem, no luck.  Mine still runs from anywhere I put it, I keep mine in my "\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim" folder though.  Do you have the latest version of .NET Framework?

  • #8

    Thanks for this.  I had been managing my save files manually by moving the save files between directories.  Your app saves us a fair bit of time.

  • #7

    Just a quick comment about the last 2 comments... You two clearly do not know how to use this program.  You can't access your saves because A) you're not using the right profile, or forgot to select a profile then launch the game through the program so that it can properly load your profile, B) they are likely in a new folder in your "/Skyrim/Saves" folder (if you can't find this folder, that's your fault).  All you'd have to do to get them back, is simply move the files out of this new folder (which is likely called "-") and back into the "Saves" folder.  From my understanding, this mod simply moves files into different folders based on the profile you've selected.  Example: You have character A and character B.  When character A's profile is selected, all files except those related to character A get put into folders, and character A's saves get left in the "Saves" folder, so that when you go to load a game on Skyrim, only character A's saves are there.

    @danrid123 I doubt your saves are gone, this mod backups everything into a "SaveBackup" folder, I'm just betting you don't correctly understand what this mod is doing, and just hoped it was magic or something.

    In any case, this mod is not dumbass friendly, and if you don't have a clue about file management, or the way this mod works, or even how Skyrim looks for save files, you should avoid this mod then.

  • #26

    Yes all those who say its "not working" or "deleting my games" then format your computer and use it as a doorstop as you need to learn how to run your machine. Read the instructions before you freak out!

  • #6

    How do you delete this junk I can't get into my save games. 

  • #5

    i would recommend not downloading this mod, i lost 5 hours of gameplay due to it not copying the saves back to the folder once you switch saves, went back to it. and lost all the saves i recently made.


  • #4

    Awesome, thanks for the updates! :) 

    Edit:  New update works beautifully, detected all my characters this time.  Although it still also detected "-" which seems to be all of my save files.  Is "-" supposed to be just a general profile for all saves?  If so, can you name it General/Default or something, or maybe add an option to disable all profiles and just load all save files?  Thanks again for your work, much appreciated. :)

    Last edited by Sycus on 11/19/2011 3:02:52 PM
  • #3

    Thanks for the feedback guys, I'm waiting on approval for the latest version, which should alleviate the character finding issues.  2 separate buttons, one for copying the profile over and the other for launching the game seem like a good idea, I'll look into it. 


    As far as the autosave copy, at first launch, it will spread the current autosaves out across all profiles, and then copy the specific ones back to the correct profile as you use them. (As of right now, I have no way to actually parse the save data itself, Its generating profiles based upon save file nomenclature.)

    Also, I've taken your feedback into note and future releases will have that delete button far away from the rest of the buttons. 

  • #1

    sounds brilliant


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