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Skyrim Total Voice Control project (STVC) UPDATED

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  • Skyrim
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  • Updated 06/29/2012
  • Created 02/03/2012
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: STVC_1.689.5.305_FULL

About Skyrim Total Voice Control project (STVC) UPDATED

Take total immersive control of Skyrim with over 250 voice commands -

Menus, Movement, Shouting, Powers, Dual-wield/Dual-cast/Chain-cast of weapons, spells, shouts & artifacts, Armour Swaps & even 'conversations' with your Companion & your Horse!

The new 1.689.5.305 release is a complete package containing the whole project in 5 stages & includes full documentation & support information including links to tutorial & demo videos. There is an 'update' available for those who already have the previous version running, see 2nd file in 'other downloads' list.


However, please always remember that this is a project not a plug-and-play mod. In order to complete it you'll need to be(come) comfortable working with config (.ini) files & .xml profiles.

All plug-ins are included with the direct permission of their authors. See the 'CREDITS' page on the STVC project pages for details & hot-links.

Finally ...

It is hoped, by both the creator of VAC & by the author of this project, that it can be of benefit to at least some of those people who cannot use a keyboard & mouse in the same manner that most of us just take for granted. It is also sincerely hoped that everyone who 'gains' from this project might spare a little time to think about those they know, those around them, those they've heard about, who might also benefit from this project. To consider that they may have gained skills which they could choose to exercise for the benefit of fellow-humans who may not be able to 'do' everything in this project for themselves.... It's only a hope, and a prayer, not a demand or a condition.


STVC 1.689.5.305 released

-includes VAC 3.0.5
-adds 'Stage 5 - The Masterclass'
-New tutorial & demo videos
- full & update versions available


STVC 1.526.4.275 released

-Latest 2.7.5 version of VAC included
-Minor changes to instructions for UAC issues & 'what to do when Skyrim gets patched again'.


STVC 1.526.4.273 released.

Single-download complete package for Skyrim ONLY!

See project pages & enclosed docs for details


STVC_1.4.3.266_Patch released

This is NOT a stand-alone, it is merely a patch to upgrade STVC for compatibility with the latest Skyrim patch (2MB, Zipped)


  • #7

    This place is a waste of time so I'm not uploading updats to it anymore.

    If you want the latest version - for 1.7.7 / Dawnguard - go to the Nexus

    Thank you.


  • #6

    I uploaded the new version on Friday 29th June, it's now Monday 2nd July & the upload is STILL waiting to be approved. This is very shoddy service from SkyrimForge/Curse, I apologise to visitors on their behalf & urge you to avoid the wait and download the new version of the project direct from it's own homepages-


    Update from previous version:-

  • #5

    *** HOT NEWS - 24th May 2012 ***

    The beta version of the latest Skyrim patch ( has just been released -

    This project WILL NOT WORK with the patch, it will be maybe a week after the official release of the patch before a compatible project version will be released - look out for STVC 1.687.5.291

    Current project followers have instructions in the paperwork for updating. I'll release a patch/stage 5 upgrade & a new full instal download as soon as it's possible to do so.

    Patience, my friends, patience.

  • #4

    Keej, that problem is solved, the latest version is available here, on the Official Steam Workshop and on it's home pages.

    There are instructions in the 'paperwork' for what to do when Skyrim gets patched again, but I'll be posting an updated version here as soon as all the included modz are updated too - usually up to about a week after the Skyrim patch goes 'live'.

  • #3

    Yeah, that would also explain it.

    Ne'e'r mind, the full package is only a week or so away, there's a "teaser" vid for a new feature here:-

    I guess anyone who can't work out 'this is only a patch' aren't that likely to be capable of following the project anyway ;)

    Thanks for the heads-up Ragestorm900. I'll look for a way to re-order d/ls so that there's no risk of confusion in future.

    Last edited by LionOfNarnia on 2/25/2012 5:24:00 PM
  • #2

    Think I can answer that for you, the "Download Now" link brings you to a download of the patch instead of the main version, so people have probably just been using that instead of checking "Other Downloads"

    Last edited by Ragestorm900 on 2/19/2012 8:23:28 PM
  • #1

    I'm baffled as to why more than twice as many patches have been downloaded than the main files.

    There are only two theories that make sense,

    One, that some of you are taking the patch thinking it's a version of the Official Skyrim patch...

    NO WAY!

    It's ONLY a patch for STVC which allows the project to work with a legally-updated Skyrim, it includes "1.4" versions of Script Dragon & ExtraHotKeys.

    TWO - On one of the other official download sites for the project, the reverse is true, twice as many versions of the 1.3 package have been downloaded as the patch, so maybe people are getting the main file from there and the patch from here.

    Dunno why anyone would do that, but I have to consider it as a possibility.

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