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Weightless Items

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  • Skyrim
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  • Updated 02/20/2012
  • Created 11/24/2011
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: Weightless Items V1.8
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About Weightless Items

Makes the following items weightless

  • Alchemy Ingredients
  • Books
  • Ingots
  • Ore
  • Pelts
  • Leather
  • Soul Gems
  • Potions
  • Scrolls
  • Dragon Scales
  • Dragon Bones
  • Dragon Claw Keys
  • Food
  • Dwemer metal objects
  • Pick and Woodcutter Axes


  • The mod includes several .esp files
  • Enable or disable the weightless effect by category
  • Each group is independent, so any combination works


  • Items already in your character's inventory are changed too
  • Uninstall will restore weights
  • Food
    • Affects original food items
    • Does not change food added by other mods
  • Potions
    • Player Crafted Potions
    • Vendor-sold potions
    • Looted potions
  • Dwemer Objects
    • Includes items on the original smelting list
    • Includes items added to the list by the Crafting Recipes mod
  • Axes are in OreIngots(etc) esp file

Did I miss any items in a category? Let me know and I'll fix it.

Version 1.8 Adds books, removes quest esp, fixes soul gems Version 1.7 Redone using CK, added alcohol to food Version 1.621 Fixed firewood Version 1.62 Added wood and pick axes and firewood Version 1.61 Added dwemer objects, fox pelt, a few more quest weapons Version 1.6 Repackaged for Curse Client download Version 1.5 Added scrolls, potions, crafted potions, soul gems(in ore,ingots,gems esp), -added nettlebane, rusty mace, and red eagle's fury to quest items esp Version 1.4 Added ore, ingots, pelts, quest items Version 1.3 Added food (original food, not my food from the recipes mod) Version 1.2 Added claw keys, dragon heart scales Version 1.1 Fixed names on a few items Version 1.01 Added readme to the zip file Version 1.0 Weightless Dragon Bones and Scales Weightless Alchemy Ingredients


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  • #47

    i downloaded and installed the mod thru the curse client but the soul gems still have weight and everything else does not.  is there a way to fix that?

    edit: i've been thinking, could the problem have to do with the player.additem console command?  i used it to get more soul gems but not any of the other items affected by the mod.

    Last edited by legomainiac on 2/18/2012 2:55:00 PM
  • #48

    Thanks for this. I introduced a bug in v1.7 when I remade the mod using the CK. I forgot to set soul gems to zero weight.

    Uploading v1.8 tonight which puts soul gems in again, and adds books!

  • #46
    How do
  • #44

    It seems that the description of all "Food Itens" is UNKNOW now. I'm not really sure if it was like this before the mod, since I started playing 1 hour before installing the mod.

  • #45

    The description field for each esp file is filled in now that they were remade using the Creation Kit. The earlier versions of the mod were made using a different program and that field was not accessible.

    * Actually I still need to redo the Quest items file, but the rest have their descriptions

  • #43

    Hey having a small problem with this installed it via the curse client and it isnt installing properly the data files button on the launcher is still greyed out and i can't click it and the items still weight the same, is there anything extra that needs doing to install it? i only have one other mod installed the lockpick pro one, any suggestions?

  • #42

    nevermind.. a reboot of my computer seems to have been required :)

  • #41

    installed thru curse, confirmed that SkyrimPrefs.ini was correctly edited to include the "bEnableFileSelection=1" line and the correct data files are checked on load..  by themselves, nothing seems to have changed, do i need to edit the *.esp files and if so, what to change and with what program?

    example - if I open 'WeightlessAlchemyIngredients.esp' in wordpad the first 'listing' is mostly garbled -i'm assuming control-characters etc



  • #40


  • #38

    Oops, I had set value to zero instead of weight on the firewood. Just fixed it and the upload is pending approval and will be available soon.


    @Bilro - Check that all the .esp files are enabled (have a checkbox on the Skyrim Launcher -> Data menu). If they are, you may have a conflict with another mod. This mod is incompatible with any other mod which modifies the same entries, such as sorting mods which work by renaming items

  • #37

    Firewood is not weightless in the new edition. i use the Curse client to install it and it did not make them weightless.

  • #34

    this doesnt seem to work for me the only thing that is weightless is the ingredients. please help

  • #32

    ok I just found out what the problem was. Im just gonna give the answer in case some1 faces the same problem later on. There is this plugins.txt file in:

    yourusername>appdata(which is hidden)>local>skyrim

    I noticed it was read only! all you have to do is to right click>propertise>tick the read-only attribute off. Just in case you click the stuff on the data files but they dont stay selected once u close it.


    Anyway thanks for this great mod and have a good christmas

  • #33

    Thank you very much for finding a solution and sharing it with us

  • #31

    Hi . I kinda have the same problem as powpow. I extracted the zip file in the proper skyrim folder, edited the skyrimprefs.ini in the mygames folder and ticked everything in the data files section. The thing is when I tick everything and click ok if i go to data files again everything is unticked once more. just things related to this addon . Other mods are ticked from start and remain selected. So basically the data files related to your mod is impossible for me to select before start of the game.

    P.S: I havent added any fancy mod. The only mod in the data files section is arrowsmith and problem remains even when I tick it off.

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