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Weightless Items

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  • Skyrim
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  • Updated 02/20/2012
  • Created 11/24/2011
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: Weightless Items V1.8
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About Weightless Items

Makes the following items weightless

  • Alchemy Ingredients
  • Books
  • Ingots
  • Ore
  • Pelts
  • Leather
  • Soul Gems
  • Potions
  • Scrolls
  • Dragon Scales
  • Dragon Bones
  • Dragon Claw Keys
  • Food
  • Dwemer metal objects
  • Pick and Woodcutter Axes


  • The mod includes several .esp files
  • Enable or disable the weightless effect by category
  • Each group is independent, so any combination works


  • Items already in your character's inventory are changed too
  • Uninstall will restore weights
  • Food
    • Affects original food items
    • Does not change food added by other mods
  • Potions
    • Player Crafted Potions
    • Vendor-sold potions
    • Looted potions
  • Dwemer Objects
    • Includes items on the original smelting list
    • Includes items added to the list by the Crafting Recipes mod
  • Axes are in OreIngots(etc) esp file

Did I miss any items in a category? Let me know and I'll fix it.

Version 1.8 Adds books, removes quest esp, fixes soul gems Version 1.7 Redone using CK, added alcohol to food Version 1.621 Fixed firewood Version 1.62 Added wood and pick axes and firewood Version 1.61 Added dwemer objects, fox pelt, a few more quest weapons Version 1.6 Repackaged for Curse Client download Version 1.5 Added scrolls, potions, crafted potions, soul gems(in ore,ingots,gems esp), -added nettlebane, rusty mace, and red eagle's fury to quest items esp Version 1.4 Added ore, ingots, pelts, quest items Version 1.3 Added food (original food, not my food from the recipes mod) Version 1.2 Added claw keys, dragon heart scales Version 1.1 Fixed names on a few items Version 1.01 Added readme to the zip file Version 1.0 Weightless Dragon Bones and Scales Weightless Alchemy Ingredients


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  • #28

    Tried to install this using the curse client but no working Cry

    I am using skyrim v1.3.10.0.

    Also added the following line to SkyrimPrefs.ini in the My Games folder.


    All my food items and potions still have weight. Any other advice to get this working?

  • #29

    Powpow, first double check for me that you have the check boxes checked on the Data Files menu on the Launcher.

    If that's done, then maybe there's a compatibility issue with another mod you're using. I know these weightless mods are incompatible with sorting mods that affect the same items. Unfortunately you have to choose if you want those items sortable, or you want them weightless. Whichever mod loads last is the one that will apply its changes to the items.

  • #30

    I missed enabling it on the data files Embarassed. A soon as I turned it on everything started working fine.

    This mod is fantastic! ThanksLaughing

  • #25


    OMG, thanks!!! lol. 

  • #24

    "Make sure you are editing the SkyrimPrefs in your "My Games" folder, not the one under Program Files."

    OMG IM RETARDED!!!! Foot in mouth
    this worked for me!!! hahaha thanks! Smile

  • #23

    @20five - Make sure you are editing the SkyrimPrefs in your "My Games" folder, not the one under Program Files.

    @Celesteria - I'm waiting until the client packager documentation is released to bundle other languages into the downloads here on Curse, but I do maintain my mods on Nexus also. And I have some translated copies there. Since I just released an update to this package (uploaded to Curse over the weekend, but not to Nexus until lastnight) the translated version is a little behind. German Download

    @insane - If you don't like the nature of the mod, no one is making you use it. I made it for convenience, as Quantum explained. Going back to your house after every two dragons to drop the bones gets old fast. Maybe someone who has 10 hours a day to play the game doesn't mind extra time to loading screens but I have a job and a family and care about making the most of my gaming time.


    @ Williams - Possibly a permissions issue? Have you tried running as administrator or from an admin account?

  • #22

    This won't freaken work for me. I dragged the files to where they are suppose to be but it won't work. After that failed, I used the Curse Client to install this but it still won't work. I opened the Launcher but the "Data Files" is greyed out. So I checked the "SkyrimPrefs" file and it already has the "bEnableFileSelection=1" thing. What the hell is wrong?!


  • #21

    Is there the posibility to give us this addon in other (german) languages? IF I use it with the german client all item names are in english. I would help you if you can tell me how to fetch the item names from files.

  • #20

    MOD, Y NO U WORK???

  • #17

    Oh man, ppl just cant play how Skyrim is made can you? Lots of mods are nice, but this is just plain cheating. Cant play a game? To hard for you? Lets cheat our way in like we are young children of the past that we were.

    haha come on ppl play how its ment to be

  • #19

    All this mod does is save me time. I'd get the exact same things I carry around on me now, except I'd have to go back to my house more often, as before. So instead of wasting roughly an hour or more in load screens in the time table I set aside to play the game. While just returning to my house, or waiting two days in front of the shop keeper overweight. I think this mod isn't so much cheating as eliminating a rather wasteful use of my time.


    Regardless of the mod or not, I would find, harvest/acquire, and hoard the same things. It just wouldn't be on me.

    Last edited by Quantumlegacy on 12/19/2011 6:23:42 AM
  • #35

    can you just make it so we can have everyting weightless ??/


  • #16

    Mine seems to be stuck on copying the files across :(

  • #15

    Quantum, I apologize for not directly addressing the book request.

    The time involved in doing the modification for every book versus the gain of having weightless books doesn't seem worthwhile to me. There are over 500 books. If it takes me 30 seconds per item, that's over 4 hours. And I think 30 seconds may be too conservative an estimate for books because require more fields to be repaired than some other items.

    When the CK comes out in January, and the modification becomes much faster (say 3 seconds per item), I will add books.

    This is also true for quest items with a weight of less than 1.0 - the number of items for the gain, when the work will have to be discarded and redone in a month with the release of the CK, is just not worth it.

  • #18

    Oh, in that case I see your point. Thanks for addressing it with the facts so that I understood why it wasn't being done.

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