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Upcoming Expansion Teaser Concept Art

At Games Convention in Leipzig Funcom released a Concept Art image which serves as a teaser for their upcoming expansion to Age of Conan.

Check it out:

expansion teaser


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    iono why everyone whine's about this stuff, wow was just as bad and when it come to actual game play was a joke and took them a couple years to get up and running yet u expect fun com to just be perfect right out of the gate, get a clue, and in terms of there Dev staff a million times better than wow was at getting things fixed and up to date, in the whole scheme of things if u don't like it than get the fu%$ on we won't miss u, WoW is a dying game if u knew anything 40%+ of there player base is going to warhammer, so in the end Aoc is lookin mighty fine in the whole scheme of things, maybe to u grinding days and months for a pve set that only works in um ya pve, and a pvp set + if your say a druid 5 to 6 diff sets of gear i mean come on, wow is the real one going down in flames if yet again u knew anything u would know that anyways, peace have a good one.

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    I love people who complain about a game and have no idea or concept or what it takes to make all of it happen and please the restless masses. All MMO's have a rocky start including WOW. I have not see one that hasn't. Most who complain about a game only use thier computer for a gaming platform and really have no concept of programing and if they do they are picking at others to sooth their own ego because they did not come up with the idea. Age of Conan is a totally new convept in gmaing. True the play centers around a WOW type MMO but sit back and look at the graphics and the combat system, they are unique in the gaming world and NO ONE can predict what will happen until release no matter how long it is in beta. So I say to the complainers, until you develope a game yourselves you do not have a leg to stand on and I hope if you do you can handle the critics who run your work into the ground. I say thanks Funcom and for those who call you Failcom, well just ignore them and they are probably failures themselves.
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    PS. Can you tell I am angry?
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