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* Age of Conan - Half Giant Fight *
* Age of Conan - Sword Slashing *
* Age of Conan - Cliff Side Battle *
* Age of Conan - Sword and Sorcery *
* Age of Conan - Spell Casting *
* Age of Conan - Interview *


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    Wow, thats really smooth. IMO it's really good, and that it's only Beta is even better. This will definitely be a fun game to play. Hopefully the retailers crack down on who they sell it to, the mature atmosphere will definitely be enjoyable

  • #2

    Jesus in all honesty what an ugly piece of shit looking "taste" and horrid gameplay,i know its just a beta but still.. :> just my 1.99 cents.

  • #3

    Aye. But just join a +18y guild. Removes a lot of the problems. Though not the AV spam :(

  • #4

    Good thing people are different. I actually think the videos are pretty cool. The ui takes some getting used to but overall combat certainly looks interesting. Finishing moves are gonna be fun! :) Though slightly worrying that the spellcasters in the video killed off the melee guys super fast. It'll be interesting to get to play this. Hope they can pull it off as the Conan universe is pretty cool. The mature rating will hopefully mean that the wow kids won't be playing it!

  • #5

    I was very unimpressed by the videos. Not going to say more than that until I get a chance to test it.

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