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Age of Wushu: An Exclusive Interview

Age of Wushu is closing in on launch day, and we managed to get ahold of the development team for some questions! But first off, check out this newly released video on guild burning:

In Age of Wushu, guilds control territories...LITERALLY. Build upon and maintain plots of land so your guild can grow and its members can become stronger. Land is finite and other guilds will lay claim to land through wars and burnings. Enjoy this short peek at the flames of war.

Now without further ado, our exclusive interview:

  1. What would you say the number one feature is that sets Age of Wushu apart from other free-to-play titles out there?

Our original no-level, no-class system is the number one feature of Age of Wushu. In-game, players can work, open a shop, or even become an NPC when they go offline. This means that players can influence the game world even when they are away from the game. That is another unique feature of our game.

  1. What was your inspiration for the complex relationship system that has been implemented? Does this affect the way NPCs interact with you as well?

This is a game based on Chinese Kung Fu. In the Kung Fu culture, personal relationships are complicated. We don’t simply dub others “enemy” or “friend,” especially when it comes to PVP combat. Therefore, the divisions of player groups as well as the interpersonal relationships in Age of Wushu are multi-dimensional.

  1. Looking at some of the unique professions in the game makes us curious about how mechanics are set up for them. Can you describe for us how being a Painter or Musician works in-game, and what benefits they provide?

As mentioned above, Age of Wushu reinterprets the genuine Wuxia culture in China. As in the Wuxia world, heroes are much more than just Kung Fu masters. Most of them are also masters in one of the four Chinese cultural arts (music, calligraphy, go (Chinese chess), and painting). They may even use a paint brush or a fan as their weapon! In Age of Wushu, each literary skill has its own function. For example, a musician can add BUFFs to teammates by playing music, and painters may help players arrange Kung Fu skills. Of course, the function effect is determined by players’ efforts in them.

  1. What made the team decide to go for a no-level, no-class system, and what would you say is the main benefit of going that direction?

In the worldview of Kung Fu, there shouldn’t be strict rules on levels or professions. Following this line of thinking, we created a game environment where players are not required to choose a specific occupations or professions. In a no-leveling game world like this, players may choose their paths freely, and change their combat styles as they desire. They are even able to modify their own attributes, which makes for more varied gameplay.

  1. We've heard that you can even keep progressing your character offline. What kinds of activities can you do while not actually in-game?

The offline system is one of the most featured aspects of gameplay in Age of Wushu. When players go offline, the system will randomly select players to join offline activities. Thus you may become a tavern servant, street performer, or even a school patrolling disciple when you go offline. Players can progress by joining offline activities, but beware, there is also a chance they may be kidnapped and sold into slavery. All of these are designed to promote more a more varied player experience.

  1. Have you ever added up the number of fighting styles a player could potentially try out? It sounds like there is nearly an infinite number of ways to engage in combat.

Age of Wushu has no levels and no classes, so we don’t adopt commonly-used combat disciplines of Warrior, Mage, and Priest. We hope each player’s character plays an important role in every battle. Currently, Age of Wushu offers over 1,000 Kung Fu skills for players to choose.  Each Kung Fu Set has Feint moves, Overt moves and/or Block moves. Combined with internal skill attributes that school players select, we can say that Age of Wushu has nearly an infinite number of combat sets, and each set of Kung Fu skills allows a variety of combat methods.

  1. How do territories work? What kinds of benefits do guilds holding territories receive?

Most games set guild territories in an unknown space. In Age of Wushu, they are set in the world map, which offers a more real experience of the Wuxia world to players. Currently, there are 12 types of buildings in guild territories. Each building has its own function. Some help players increase Cultivation Points, some help practice life skills, and others help in purchasing secret devices, NPCs etc. All in all, the guild territories and the buildings they contain add new dimensions for players to experiment with, while adding depth and richness to the gameplay experience. Also, guilds are an important part of the upcoming new game mode “Jianghu Forces”.

  1. Can you divulge any kind of planned update schedule for the future of Age of Wushu?

A new expansion will be available on the North American server soon. This upcoming expansion will fuse the two updated versions currently on the Chinese servers, the content of which are very rich. After this expansion, an even larger expansion pack is on the way (our China development team is currently working on it). This brand new expansion will introduce our players to a completely new game mode: Jianghu Forces. Players may join different Forces in Jianghu, and experience a life that is different from those of the traditional eight Schools.

Haven't yet heard of Age of Wushu? Here's a full list of features for the game:

  • No Classes or Levels: Choose from an extensive collection of martial arts disciplines. Develop and improve your own unique combat style.
  • Innovative Combat System: Draw on the strict logic behind real martial arts. Each attack can be countered and exploited.
  • Train in a Persistent World: Thrive in a world controlled by player's actions. Be a Hero or Villain to living world.
  • Authentic Culture in a Virtual World: With diverse professions such as painter, musician, and blacksmith the world of Jianghu goes beyond the battles.
  • Make a Name for Yourself: Become a leader of a martial arts school, seize a territory for your guild, and choose your own destiny within the Age of Wushu.

Stay tuned to Curse for breaking Age of Wushu news; the game is launching on April 10th! Visit for more information.


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     I find this interview to have been very informative. I already had previous intentions to play this game & become part of the community. This MMO reminds of my past goals during Junior-High, I always wanted to master just about every art there is to know. Thus being able to forge my own techniques/ Skill. Can't wait to play this in the Nothern regions.

    ,Lone Scholar

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