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Aion Online New Assets From GDC! has recently posted some of the new assets from the GDC convention. During a visit with Community Manager Liv, and the NCSoft team, we were given access to several new assets for Aion Online. We now have these online and ready to show you at! Here's a taste of one of the new images we received:



Here's the official Asset Release post from

Even more assets (CA)!
Gee whiz, these past couple days have been non-stop downloading and uploading for my poor little laptop. Hope you guys don't mind; here's some more concept art! Huzzah!

Some of these are repeats or alternative versions of images that I uploaded a year ago (or two, in some cases), but they warrant a second look due to simple stylistic or pallet changes. I've linked to the older versions in each image's details, if you're interested in some ancient history. :D

Some other sites might upload all of the images available, but trust me: only the best images are uploaded to's Gallery. That means all our images are either the largest resolution or filesize available.

So if another site seems to have something we don't, go back into the Gallery a bit and I bet you'll find it. If you still can't, then it wasn't worth uploading! If there's enough JPEG compression artifacts in an image for Indiana Jones himself to take notice, then it's not going into our Gallery. ;)

Concept Art: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

EDIT: The only concept art I ended up not uploading was a copy of this one and this one.

By the way, in the previous news post, you were linked to a video on Gamereactor TV, featuring Liv and showing off the Abyss. One of the fortresses focused on has this concept art's layout implemented. I love it! :)


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