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Name a Jetbike and Win a PC!

Anarchy Online has a new contest running in conjunction with iBuypower called "Name the Jetbikes."

So why should you enter this contest? Well, firstly you get a chance to name something being added to the game, but you'll also get your hands on a powerful gaming PC in the process.

Head here to read up on the contest.


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    Yes but Windows XP can't use all 3-4 GB RAM, I think the max is 2 GB of RAM per application. So I guess Vista could work

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    4gb of ram actually seems to make a decent difference on the higher end games in terms of zoning times and general load times. That said, a quad core cpu is way overkill for this generation of games. Even a dual core may be a bit overkill at this point.

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    Oh yea, I looked at the specs and was a bit dissapointed. It would be cool if they let you pick your own specs or something (in a given price range)

    So basically, Intel Quad Core (Q6600 ? ) - that is where I disagree. Also 3-4 GB DDR2 RAM might be a bit overkill, unless you plan on using Vista. I agree with the graphics card pick though - with 512 MB

    Basically, something that could run Crysis and Unreal Tournament 3 on near ultra high details.

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    This PC isn't amongst the best ones out there, by far, and it seems a bit odd that they haven't made it a bit more powerful :/ Don't get me wrong now, I'm not saying that PC can't deliver some nice performance, I bet it can do that, but using a CPU under the 4000+ rating, just 1 GiG of RAM (WTF?) and the GF7600 GPU (even though it's in SLi) is a bit under the "standard" for new gaming PCs. Don't misunderstand, it may still kick some butt, but when it comes to "real" gaming (like Oblivion with HDR+AA @ insane resolutions + lots of eyecandy), I think this PC will struggle (Even the HD2900XT and GF88 do when it comes to things like that).

    If I were do design that PC, I'd use a CPU min. X2 4200+-4600+ (they're very cheap at the moment), one GF8800GTX, 2GBRAM (RAM is also pretty cheap), and maybe a mobo with a newer chipset.

    If I were to make it extreme, I'd include two GF88's in SLi, and use a X2 5200/5600+ CPU [there exists a 6000+, but its energy consumption (125W for a processor, OMG!) and price can't be defended by simply the will to have the most extreme AMD out there] coupled with 3-4GB RAM. Now THAT'd kick the shits out of every game today for sure ^^

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    I wonder if inactive accounts (unsubbed) count

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