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Blizzard Confirms Next-Gen MMO

In a happening on the US World of Warcraft forums, Drysc has confirmed that the Next-Gen MMO references popping up all over the Blizzard Entertainment job pages are not referring to another World of Warcraft expansion.

No, it is an unannounced Next-Gen MMO.

And that doesn't mean an expansion for World of Warcraft either.

Now all we have to do is wait and see which franchise Blizzard are using for their new MMO title.


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    Well the "next gen" tag has gotten old and there is confusion on what to agree on a definition. Most of it is marketing driven and really has no basis in what I believe would be the core concept of what it really should mean.

    If we all look at how MMO's execute their game play and the great majority use a very simple approach what I cal the FedEx approach. This means you get a quest go (pick up, kill, loot >insert here< ) and deliver back to the quest giver and finish the quest. This has been done since the ancient days of game play and hasn't changed that much, just variations on this concept. WoW merely polished this concept to a high sheen even if it a boring one.

    My definition, in part, for the "next gen" would be a totally new concept of game play (and yes we heard that phrase too) A break from the FedEx line of thinking and that would be building a branching concept like that of a tree very much like in real life. Imagine you having alternates that will never have to repeat any of the game content that a previous alternate has done. A new AI would have to be thought up to handle that. among other things. This would be a huge undertaking in terms of time money and resources. This would be the "total immersive" world that game devs have talked about in the days of yore. Whether it'll be ever done, we can all dream.

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    Ok, see, it's just a question of time. blizz will come up with tiny lil' statements for us, the community.
    Until this happenz... mwooaha^^ well... *speculating* still Starcraft could make a nize addition to the bunch of mmo's we're currently seeing in development as it would be:

    -Next gen in style
    -Next gen in setting
    -Next gen in engine

    However, "Starcraft: Worlds" could look like this:

    -Multiple planets, each with unique region (think of relatively small areas of content that may expand in future addons)
    -Space vehicles settings. Maybe , to travel to some parts of the universe you'll need to "survive" a certain time on a zerg-infested whatever-spaceship like a raid goal or something.
    -For equipment maybe a class would have it's armor and then, unlike the typical chest-arms-head-trinket-a.s.o. system you'll be able to upgrade your stuff otherwise . Just think of armor sets in WoW?
    Wellwhy not installing a couple of superhardtobreak-zerg leather on your space marine's plate mail?
    Buy legendary high tech blaster weapons and so on.
    -Factions: Maybe only Protoss and Humans can be played? doesn't seem like THEY need new claws to equip on zerglings, do they? xD
    -Protoss equip may rise from psionic cristals (as seen before) , shards and other miscellanous things. it isn't said that both, humans and protoss need to use the same equipment syste at all.
    -PvPvE could take place massively (like announced in the upcoming mmorpg AiOn-ToE).
    -Maybe a part of the game takes place in open space battle? having to control a small spaceship or huge carrier? think of elements we've seen on eve online! (maybe simultanously half of a raid has to fight inside the ships agains intruding zerg or else, adding raid content to this aspect of the game)
    -Next Gen healing management:' yes, we've seen the pots-only system on diablo series, and the classic healer-heals-everybody-and-does-nothing-else in WoW too, think of bandages? yes! got it! Sure, the shall be classes like Med's but why do not have them to be NPC that can be called in?
    -NPC-supportetd fights. In (so far i am informed) all mmorpg we know it's only the team of players themself who hit their enemy. Think of NPC troops, called in or commanded by a PC officer, now adding great tactical features and equally allowing a "Necromancer-like" gameplay for all those who like that. (might be restricted to the "troup commander"-class).
    -Every unit will have a dead zone for ranged attack like we've seen for hunters in WoW too. So melee becomes more interesting for everybody.
    -Armor system may now be independant of the hero lvl but add special abilities to your armor such as regeneration or improved throwback effects..

    so far from me^^ feel free to flame now^^

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    It's a Blizzard game. Every game they have ever released has looked "cartoon-esque"... It's one of the many things that make them brilliant ;o

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    Out of interest, have you ever played any of the Warcraft RTS games? Firstly, most of the classes in WoW are based on units in Warcraft and low and behold, each class has multiple items for particular slots! As for the potential 3-way faction war... what? In Warcraft 3 you played as multiple factions... I think it was 4 or 5... but that didn't prevent a two factioned situation in World of Warcraft. It's relativly easy to take a race and make it NPC (See: Scourge). They could simply make your example of the Zerglings into an NPC race (as they are much like the Scourge) but that would be OUTRAGEOUS (even though they did it with the Scourge O_o)...

    It is most like a StarCraft MMO but I'm not too sure about the FPS mechanics. They tried an FPS once... look what happened there. It may be that they'll leanr from the mistakes they made with SC:Ghost but if they do go for an FPS orientation, it will be more like Tabula rasa (n00b friendly) than a purebred FPS... you can count on that.

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    I'd be happy if they would expand Azeroth out to real size, not the scaled down world we have now, and allow the players to make their own towns, ala Warcraft, and then build those towns up, interacting with other towns and the wilderness... attract lumberjacks, craftsmen, etc. etc.. allow wars and political stuff.


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    Actually, Blizzard have said there are currently no plans to. You have to remember that there were, "currently no plans," to make a new StarCraft game at one point and that there were, "currently no plans," to make another MMO title at one point.

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    it takes the hardware to have the game ;)

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    o well, im playing wow and not those though, anyways blizz has already said that they are not making a wow 2 in many forums :p
    sc2 isnt that far out of the question, knowing a blizz mmo = 3-5 years development... but it would be odd getting an epic claw equippable by zerglings :p

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    I know, that is how the generation concept is used, doesnt mean I like it anymore. To be next gen its like having two brothers showing up, not father and son, like I feel it should be.

    Marketing gimmick FTL.

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    That isn't actually the case. MMOGs do, in fact, have sequels just like every other type of game. Guild Wars 2 is currently in development. EverQuest was followed by EverQuest 2. It isn't foreign to think that one day, Blizzard may follow World of Warcraft with a second World of Warcraft. What is more likely to happen is that the game will receive periodic overhauls of the graphics engine much like we have seen with Eve Online but Blizzard have stated that they intend to continue the RTS side of Warcraft and that Warcraft 4 is likely. As such, they could easily do a couple of RTS sequels to WoW and follow it with a second MMO based in the Warcraft universe.

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    World of Starcraft.

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    Hehe ok, thanks for the explaination guys :)

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    The 360 and PS3 were next-gen for the fact that they were upgraded graphics and hardware. That is what defines the next-generation. Though now they are current gen, simply due to the fact that what they are here and now, though marketing has been sticking with the next-gen tag due to it making people feel like they are ahead of the game.

    Next Generation games are games that take advantage (on any level) of the newer generations of hardware. 3-4 years ago it was Shadermodel 2&3 and the usage of specular/bump/normal maps throughout a game. Today it is the usage of DX10 and the focus on multi-core support.

    There will always be a next-gen as long as there is new hardware on the horizon. Though the 360, PS3 and WoW are no longer next-gen, but current gen, any game to come out that makes usage of hardware that is brand new (Dx10) or coming soon would dub that game 'next gen' until the point that that new hardware is in most systems.

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    blizz has already announced MANY MANY times there will be no wow 2, first of all it doesnt even make sense, why make a sequal (not expansion) to an mmo that is a sequal to 4 other games? it just wouldnt make sense, expansions add more depth to the storyline, mmos dont get sequals, just expansions (final fantasy guild wars).

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    Ty, for saving me what would have been a very condescending explanation of the generation concept in tech/gaming.

    Even though I would argue against EVE being a generation older than WoW. As far as I am concerned, we are almost at the thirdish generation (MUD, 2D, 3D) with WoW. Oh sure, WoW is the most polished game which brings together the best of all other MMOs to date. Except for a bit of sandboxing, but that is personal preference.
    There hasnt been much of a leap in the MMOGs, like ever. And for me to mark a new generation, leaps have to happen. Maybe I have a skewed concept of it, but calling the 360, PS3 and Wii next generation sort of pisses me off. The 360 and PS3 are just an upgrade in graphics and hardware, while the Wii that could have been the real next generation fails because its graphics were almost dated when it came out.

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