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Blizzard says no to consoles,hints for a new WC RTS.

Blizzard's vp of game design Rob Pardo has revealed to GameDaily BIZ that a new Warcraft RTS will be "one of the ideas on the table" after StarCraft 2 ships. He also said that to bring WoW to consoles "would be a Herculean effort that would only take away from our ability to serve our current customers."


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    Yeah I really dont see WOW on the consoles, yet both next consoles would play them very well, will usb keyboards and mouses or even wifi ones... that would not be the problem.

    The problems is where is pc users can download add-ons to the game... unless console users can access the hard drives freely to install them.Or come up with an idea to use the mem cards as a transport device from pc to console... Anyway that would have a lot to due with Microsoft and Sony.....on making the hard drives accessible....I just dont see that happening....

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    I think we all remember Everquest Online Adventures and the debacle that was.

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    i wanna know how you make another warcraft rts?. where in the story line do you put it? after wc3 up to WoW is locked in no major wars there. if you set it after WoW sets a limit of how much you can do with WoW in terms of content to avoid contradicting things that would happen in the new RTS. and if you set it along side WoW it would just feel like more of the same and not stand out much.

    I vote a new Intelectual property needs to come

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    Real time strategie

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    i think they should merge the ideas... WC RTS on a console, that would work, WoW on console=no

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    How would you effectively play WoW on a console anyway? Absolute madness to suggest it even possible.

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    Awesome :D Maybe the making of the WC RTS would let me level up a little before the next expansion O.o Think it's better to have WoW and that stuff on computer rather than anything

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    Both are good pieces of info. I'd like to see Warcraft continue as an RTS - since WCIII was extremely fun and innovative, especially with the custom maps, and Warcraft should probably stay on the PC simply because it provides a homogenization of where other players are coming from. You can't give a XBOX360 WoW player the URL to the forums or thottbot and expect them to be able to do anything with it. The best bet for that is for the consoles to morph into what is closer to a very dedicated gaming PC... which seems to be the way of things anyways, so maybe in the next 2-5 years, we'll see that happen. Just my two cents.

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