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Bounty Bay Online

Bounty Bay Online, currently hosted in our F2P Section, has released a new Colony add-on for their hit game! This is the second largest expansion for the game and allows players to actively set up colonies in over 30 coastal regions of the known-world. Colonies are obtained after completing a special quest series and with the necessary resources, they are able to capture the specific areas and build up their own town and port. Colony founders can then determine the trade policy and development of their new realm. This way, ambitious guilds gain their own retreat and a lucrative trading base. Bounty Bay gives players the opportunity to engage in several land and sea battles, trade with over 60 unique towns/ports, and party with guilds to conquer and develop towns.

To learn more and download the game visit our Bounty Bay F2P Download Page!

Here's the official notice on the new Colony Expansion:

Bounty Bay Expansion

Berlin, Jan. 15th 2009: Frogster has launched the Colony Add-on as the second large
expansion to Bounty Bay Online. With the free add-on, players can now establish colonies
in 33 coastal regions of the historical explorer world. After completing a special quest series
and with the necessary resources, they are able to capture the specific areas and build up
their own town and port. Colony founders can then determine the trade policy and
development of their new realm. This way, ambitious guilds gain their own retreat and a
lucrative trading base.




The colony harbor system is the core piece of the expansion. Thanks to this new feature it is
possible for guilds to build their own town with a harbor in their colony. After completing a
series of colony quests, successful guild leaders will receive a harbor foundation stone, with
which the guild can establish a colony on any free colony ground. Founding a new colony
requires that the guild has reached guild level 5 at least and does not possess another
colony already. As soon as the foundation stone for a colony is laid, the guild can choose one
of three basic appearance types: rural village, industry town or pirate nest can be selected.
Besides the outer appearance, colony owners have the choice between four different
development paths:
•  Industrial Harbor: Specializes in the research of weapons, armor and the trade of
•  Business Harbor: Specializes in the trade of materials between the different
•  Collectors Harbor: Specializes in importing and gathering of materials which can
normally only be bought from NPCs.
•  Military Harbor: Specializes in the research of new ships, new ship features, canons
and ammunition.

The new colony harbor system offers players an anchor point for their worldwide trade.
Moreover, a colony opens up the possibility to create a controlled sphere of influence and to
store large amounts of resources. Feeble warrior guilds can use outposts for the
regeneration of their forces as well as to secure important stock. By increasing the overall
level of a colony city, all guild members gain enhanced character attributes like better
endurance of their ships, increased regeneration rates, raised maneuverability of their
vessels and heightened defensive attributes of their land characters. Nevertheless,
established colony towns have to be well supplied with resources to not go bankrupt and
thus to dismantle.
Besides the colony features, the Colony Add-on integrates new quests into Bounty Bay
Online, which are partly a continuation of quest series from the first expansion “Storm
Island”. In addition to several new land bosses with improved tactics, new powerful pirate
ships are now terrorizing the seven seas. However, the developers have created a worldwide
network of informants, so that news about the sighting of a pirate boat and his whereabouts
spread like wildfire within the community. Conquerors of the new corsairs can expect huge
amounts of gold. Nevertheless, the powerful pirates are protected by new dinghies, which
are lightly armored, but dispose of considerable firepower. Another new feature of the
Colony Add-on concerns ship convoys. As a last resort before sinking, the leading ship of a
convoy can now launch small speedboats, trying to save its treasures before the impending
Moreover, with the Colony Add-on players receive the possibility to salvage treasures from
the sea. Previously, these could only be found on land. A practical innovation has also been
implemented to the complex trading system of the sailor MMORPG. Players can now
systematically search all sales stalls of an area for specific items and compare goods and
prices to find the best offer. The free colony add-on is available for both the subscription and
free-2-play server and has a size of roughly 500 MB. It is being installed automatically with
the next start of Bounty Bay Online. Players can use their existing accounts and characters
without any restrictions.

About Bounty Bay Online

With Bounty Bay Online players enter the Age of Discoveries from the 15th to the 17th
century. MMO fans are able to choose an online career as a merchant, sailor, fisherman,
pirate or adventurer and make their fortune at land and on the seven seas. Alone or with a
guild of players, many adventures and gripping quests lie on their way. Thousands of ancient
discoveries on all continents like the pyramids of Gizah or the Chinese Wall are waiting to be
explored. After exciting PvP combat at land and on the seas, strong guilds can take control
of colonies and cities and decide upon their destiny. Bounty Bay Online features a unique
trade system based on supply and demand. In April 2008 Frogster has started a free-to-play
server with an integrated item shop as an alternative to the subscription model, so that new
sailors can now roam the Seven Seas without any fixed costs. More information is available
• Hundreds of authentic ship models
• Land and sea combat
• More than 60 realistic towns and harbors.
• Guilds can conquer towns and decide upon their taxes and tariffs
• Free add-on "Storm Island“ with new items, new features and new regions included
• Free Colony Add-on released in 2009



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