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Community Watch

There's a lot going on in the MMO community this week, so hopefully this special feature will help you track down anything of interest to you. Community Watch will cover not only the Curse community, but also the communities of the official game websites. Let's get started with some of the stuff going on in the Curse community!

Curse Forums

  • While not an extremely new thread, see if you can beat BigBoyBattle's played time in "Think You Can Beat My Time Played??"
  • We're going to be continuing our "Recommended AddOns" feature from our Patch 2.2 Portal, so if you'd like to suggest one of your favorite AddOns as something to be added to the list, do it in our forum thread!

Curse Blogs

History of Arthas and Illidan

If you haven't played Warcraft III before, then these two videos should help you better understand Arthas and Illidan. Sylvictus has created recaps of what happened to both of them during Warcraft III campaigns. Check them both out over at GameTube: Rise of the Lich King and Rise of Illidan Stormrage.

I'm So Sick

This video is absolutely amazing; Drysc featured it in the Community Spotlight on the official WoW website, and for good reason. I highly encourage anyone reading this to watch the video at least once. From there, you'll probably watch it another two, six, or ten times before all is said and done and you've realized the masterpiece that is "I'm So Sick" by Baron Soosdon.

You can find it over at the Myndflame website in streaming format.

SoE Community

The SoE forums have a lot of great activity going on and not only that, there are also some fantastic player spotlights across the various games SoE offers.


EverQuest II

Star Wars Galaxies


Guild Wars

Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar

There are two new features up on the LoTRO website and while they're not entirely community-related, it's always nice to know the background on areas and NPC's in the game. To that end, be sure to check out both Exploring Middle-earth: Tinnudir and Characters of Middle-earth: Barliman Butterbur.

There's also a new Screenshot of the Week for Tabula Rasa. You can either head over to the official site to see it, or check it out here on Curse.

Community Images

Completely Smashed!Taken: Thu Oct 04 21:38:02 2007kara whoops, I dieded

Want to submit your screenshots for Community Watch? Send us an email at [email protected] - titled "Community Watch Images" - and provide links to what you'd like to see featured!

Finally, this week's feature video - Kael'thas Tactical Guide by Tamzin.

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