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Curse enters Leipzig Games Convention 2007

Curse has officially entered Leipzig Games Convention 2007. With a top team of Curse staff ranging from the crazy French to the renowned Norwegians to some native Germans, our lineup for providing you all with the best and latest news updates is underway.


The first day has almost passed already, in record speed. Thus far, the main attraction has been the Warhammer Online unveiling of the High Elf and Darkelf playable races, though getting "arrested" by the booth babes over at EA's Need for Speed highway patrol booth ranked pretty high up there!


Much to our disappointment, the big announcement that everyone was waiting for from Blizzard regarding their rumoured "new game" turned out to be nothing other than a poorly worded announcement of Wrath of the Lich King. Despite that though, you can all be expecting a lot of content from us as we explore the various games being presented here. Particularly interesting, I think, will be the interviews with Paul Barnett and Jeff Hickman on Warhammer for some detailed information on the latest and greatest.


Tomorrow (Thursday) we will be bringing you information on the following games directly from their respective developers: Tabula Rasa, EVE Online, Age of Conan, Fury and Warhammer Online. It should be noted that while we are making video interviews with each game's representatives, the actual video footage won't be available til next week when we get a chance to edit it -- however, a textual version will be covered at the end of each day!

With that said, we invite you to keep up to date with everything at Leipzig at our Leipzig Games Convention page as well as our Leipzig 2007 Image Gallery!

- The Curse Staff


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