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*URGENT* Adobe Flash Player - Severe Trojan Warning

Recently there were a number of websites compromised due to an Adobe flash player vulnerability.  This vulnerability allowed the injection of flash scripts that download keyloggers onto unsuspecting visitors' computers, opening up the potential for the player to be hacked and lose their video game account.

Thursday Adobe released an update, and it's important for everyone who has Adobe flash player installed to download this patch. If you do not, your computer and video game accounts are at risk.

Find out about the update, or download it and start installing it as soon as you can. You can also use the auto update feature within the flash player if you desire updating through that method.

Please, do this as soon as you can. This vulnerability is very real, and there are people attempting to steal accounts this very moment. Any website you visit until you've updated may be a potential threat to your computer's security.

As an extra precaution, please make sure to run virus scans on your computers to ensure they're clean of threats. The known keylogger files circulating related to this are:

  • a.exe
  • b.exe
  • c.exe
  • 6to4ex.dll

There may be variations of these files we don't know about yet, so please if you detect anything else let us know.

Unfortunately, several addon pages on were compromised due to a obscure bug in the html sanitization process.  We've removed these comments and released an emergency patch to ensure that this does not happen again.  

While the Curse Client remained unaffected by the attack it is still very important for all users to to follow the above steps to make sure you're no longer vulnerable to these attacks. 


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  • #1
    I agree, this is urgent. I've had the hacking done to my account. Keep on top of all needed updates.
  • #2
    Yep, but just curious, why did it take so long to post this news on Curse when you posted it on WorldofRaids about a week ago? Not bashing / insulting, just curious.
  • #3
    I have reason to believe that there are ads on curse that exploit this vulnerability. I was hit with this attack yesterday (caught immediately by my security software) when I came visited a curse page. I cleaned this up.

    Today, after repeatedly re-verifying the infection wasn't present, I came to the QuestHelper page on curse and immediately was hit with the same attack. In neither case had I downloaded anything when the attack hit.

    I'm not saying curse is doing this, of course, but I think you have some compromised ads running on the site. I hadn't seen the warning because I go right to WoW addons area, normally. Anyway, I've installed the Flash update, so hopefully all is well now. Thank you for the heads-up.

  • #4
    Yup.. was surfing this site yesterday and was repeatedly attacked. Luckily I had some antivirus that caught it. It was for sure embedded into the ads.
  • #5
    Thanks for the heads up Kody.
  • #6
    oopomopoo: It was a centralized situation at that point. Now it's grown to be a larger threat as other websites have since been attacked. This alert is primarily to make everyone aware they need to download the Adobe update.
  • #7
    well now this possibly explains how I got a keylogger a week or 2 ago.... too bad it came too late for me T.T
  • #8
    Thanks for the update kody
  • #9
    I say we rise up against Flash and all install Silverlight.... yeah!
  • #10
    Good work guys, thanks.
  • #11
    Firefox + NoScript + NoFlash + AdBlock Plus = Win
  • #12
    ok, so since WoR it has gotten even worse?

    BTW once again, im not insulting or anything, i
  • #13
    Thanks a lot for this post. I been giving the link to this page all over much as I could. very informative.
  • #14
    Cought the keylogger yesterday. Filename had mutated. File was placed in my Temp-folder. Since the Keylogger was already loaded, I booted a Knoppix-Linux from CD and removed the file. I am so happy I have the Blizzard Authenticator.
  • #15
    This needs a /PUSH !
    A friends account was compromised this morning.
    So this is still a problem and everyone needs to be warned of it!

    Place a warning message ON THE HOMEPAGE and in the CURSE UPDATER, or switch off all your Flashplugins, or no one will trust your website anymore !
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