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Announcing Curse Client v4 Open Beta

Installation Instructions: First Uninstall Curse Client 3.0, then download and run the Curse Client v4 installer.
A New Client is Born
The Next Generation Curse Client

After the launch of Curse Client 3.0, we began taking notes on the most frequent user requests, complaints, and general feedback. The result of this feedback is Curse Client v4. In development since May, Curse Client v4 has been redesigned from the ground up to offer a more user-friendly Curse experience.

Curse Client v4 includes a variety of new features and enhanced security to ensure you're protected from malicious attacks. Here are just some of the key features we've added.

Please Note: The Mac version of Curse Client v4 is in an earlier phase of development. Not all features listed below are available.

Automatically Synchronize Addons on Multiple PCs
If you’ve ever had to setup your addons on multiple PCs, you know what a timesink it can be. Our solution to this problem is AddonSync.

Just install Curse Client v4 on any PC that you use, setup a Sync Group, and watch your addons automatically sync and stay updated on all your PCs.
Find New Addons, Fast
Find and Install New Addons with v4 Faster Than Ever
With Curse Client v4, we’ve reinvented the way addons are found and installed.

Find addons instantly by Name, Category, Author and even the Community Rating. Sort by Popularity or Date Updated, then install with a single click.

Curse Client v4 even includes an integrated download manager, for a real time view of all current downloads.
Addon Settings Backup
Automatically Backup Addon Settings for Easy UI Recovery
Have you ever had to reinstall Windows or experienced a hardware failure? The days of spending hours reconfiguring your addons are over.

Curse Client v4 adds fully automated, serverside addon settings backups and integrated recovery.

With AddonSync and Addon Settigs Backup, recovering your addons and all of your settings has never been easier.
Enhanced Security
Stay Safe from Viruses, Malware and Password Theft
Curse Client v4 is designed with built-in technology that protects you against malicious software and security threats.

Curse Client v4 application updates are now digitally signed by VeriSign with a Microsoft Authenticode certificate.

All communication between Curse Client v4 and Curse servers is signed and protected using industry standard 256-bit encryption.

When you use Curse Client v4, you can be confident that your addons are secure.


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