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Curse March Gaming Bracket Challenge - Round 4 Voting

Each week during the March Gaming Bracket Challenge presented by Curse and Alienware, we're piting characters from Curse fansites against one another so that you can vote for your favorites!

New to the challenge? Get caught up:

Don't forget to sign up for your chance at an Alienware X51 this week! Last week's winner was madhopzmg; congratulations!
Let's get to this week's voting! You have until Friday, March 23rd to vote for your favorite!

Poll: Sarah Kerrigan v. Tyrael

This poll has ended as of 03/30/2012.

Poll: Pig v. Creeper

This poll has ended as of 03/30/2012.

Poll: Pig v. Enderman

This poll has ended as of 03/23/2012.

Poll: John "Soap" MacTavish v. Creeper

This poll has ended as of 03/23/2012.


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  • #2

    Com'on enderman!

  • #3

    PLEASE let the final round be Creeper vs. Enderman! (Sorry pig)

  • #4

    Hmmm...enderman or pig? Endermen are freaky, and super scary, but cool i guess, while pigs are cute and give you bacon. Tough one...

  • #5

    Aw, two Minecraft mobs against each other? No offense little pig, but I'm voting on Enderman. 

  • #6

    That'sssssss a nice ssssssssubmachine gun you have there, Ssssssoap...


    P.S. Sorry Enderman, I voted for Pig. The Enderman has destroyed the Creeper's spot as Minecraft's crowning jewel to a degree. 

    Last edited by The_Creepernaut on 3/19/2012 6:02:56 PM
  • #7

    wow, thatssss a nice John "Soap" Mactavish you got there. it would be a shame in anything happened to it.

    also, i have a message for the pig: bacon that enderman to death!

    EDIT: if it appears i copied the comment above this one, note that i didn't see the comment above this one until AFTER i posted this comment.

    Last edited by dasl12 on 3/22/2012 12:55:27 AM
  • #8
    Let's go, Soap.
  • #9

    It can't be, they're on the same side, they can only have the same semi final

  • #10

    At this point it's really just Minecraft Vs. Diablo...

    Beat that Pig, Enderman!

    Goooooooo Creeper!

    EDIT: :O 10th comment on the article!

    Last edited by superguin200 on 3/19/2012 11:41:37 PM
  • #11

    will the pig make it to the end & be the ruler of all or will he taste bitter defeat? stay tuned to curse for more!

  • #12

    Dammnnnnn it!! My two favorite Diablo Characters against each other...idk which to choose >.<

  • #13

    Go pig!

  • #14

    Why did it have to be Diablo vs two favorite Diablo Icons :(.  I went with Diablo but I'm not happy about it!  And sorry Kerrigan but I'm going with Mephisto on this one, can we see the brothers in the semi-finals!?  Also I don't play Minecraft but I went with Pig...cause idk what an enderman is and Creeper over Soap cause I don't like the MW games.  Hoping for some big D to wrap this all up :D


  • #15

    GOOOO Pig! C'mon guys we dont need TWO agressive mobs in the finals....Creeper vs. Pig!

  • #16

    Four games left. Minecraft and Diablo are the main ones; Starcraft and MW3 only have one remaining.

    This is a really hard vote. 

    I pick Kerrigan, Diablo, Enderman, uh....god, this is a hard choice...creeper. Wait no, John. Creeper. UGH.

    I refuse to vote for the impossible question.

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