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We're ringing in the New Year, and one question on everyone's mind at the office is: How can we improve ourselves as gamers in 2013?  

What about you?  Have you thought about ways you'd like to grow in skill and expertise, or is there a large goal you'd like to achieve? From becoming better at jungling in League of Legends, to building a bigger and better redstone contraption in Minecraft, to building a map or mod for your favorite game -- there is a lot you can accomplish in a year.  What will your goal be?

Let us know, and you could win an Alienware X51 PC! The X51 combines itty bitty size with powerful versatility.  Be outfitted with some of the latest and greatest video and processing options and have an amazing HD gaming experience without taking up valuable square footage in your living space. 

If you're in North America, put your writing skills to the test and pen your submission in the comments below, telling us about your gaming resolution for the new year in 100 words or less.  We'll pick our favorites to be answered via video on Curse Entertainment with a Curse expert or pro gamer.  You'll have around a week to submit, so jump on this soon!

Be sure to check out the full contest rules, and may you have a happy and fruitful New Year!

Update: Winners can be seen over at


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  • #1

    Well i know this might sound selfish or something ,  but I have a 6 ( 2013 ) Years Old Laptop . And i cannot play most games i want like Minecraft and others . I also have a Youtube Channel that i use to make videos on with my Dad Laptop but one day , It started not working so well. So i stopped recording stuff on my channel. My Gaming Resolution is trying to get my channel more seen , I might also start livestreaming with the new computer. So yeah , I hope I can win the Alienware Computer and start my Gaming Resolution .

    Heres my Channel in case :              

      I know this might be more then 100 words but i just wanna say all i can say :)


  • #2

    In 2013, I plan on bringing a big stream of new content out to my Youtube Channel, including a Sleeping Dogs playthrough, as well as Dishonored, and Far Cry 3. I however, will be attending school for Electrical in January and February, leaving my AFK. I wish I had a laptop that didnt come from Walmart, so I could play these games, and bring new content to my audience!

    Youtube Channel:


  • #3

    Already getting a Alienware in like couple days, maybe even tomorrow. But hope who ever wins it, likes it. :D

  • #4

    I'm going to improve my gaming this year by become the best support that I can!  I'm on a team with a bunch of my friends, and my ADC and I can pretty much complete each others sentences.  I would love to be better and master the role, but bit would be easier on an Alienware!

  • #5

    My gaming resolution is 1920x1080! jk :P  My true resolution is to bring focus to my gaming. I used to play competetively, but recently I've been gaming lazily for pleasure. I need to get focused and play to win! It's not enough to just blow off steam, BE COMPETETIVE!

  • #6

    I WILL train to be more brave.  To beleive in myself more.  I play League of Legends, I love this game.  Problem is that i doubt myself so much that even though I have aquired 750 normal wins with full diamond in badges, i beleive i am not worth ranked play.  Last Christmas i wanted to learn every role.  I did.

    This month i told myself, "Lets get to 1700 ELO Ranked this year"  So i played as of now 8 ranked games.  6 wins, 2 losses.  With a grand total of 1404 ELO.  After the ball drops tonight i will be brave and push over the 10th win and get a placement.  

    This year, i WILL achieve my goal, be brave, man up and maybe alienware will share a memory with me.

    Last edited by TheLonelyPhox on 12/31/2012 7:46:28 PM
  • #7

    Iam still on pentium 4 and need a new computer. I always thought that I would like to have a Alienware but I just do not have the money. Alienware has always had a very good reputation and I wanted one of the best. I do hope to win for this will help me a great deal. Right now the onlything I can do is keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.

  • #8

    I want me and my friends to become better as a team in League of Legends. We are striving to be able to compete in Season 4 competitively by winning in the S4 open qualifiers next year.

  • #9

    Growing up with many heart conditions I took up gaming at a  young age because I could not do physical activities. Almost 2 years ago when I started playing Minecraft I learned of a charity called Child's Play, which gives video games to childrens hospitals throughout the country. My resolution is wanting to band up with a group of gamers to help out Child's Play and make a sick kid's time in the hospital much more pleasent.

  • #11

    I am going to hit Gold elo.  I constantly avoid playing ranked because I find it initmidating, but the more I play it the easier it will become.  SO ELO GET AT ME!

  • #12

    My resolution is to learn java, make games, and make minecraft mods.

    It will be a tough one, but i'll do it, and who knows, i might just be the next notch!

    Check Out Elirox1337 On youtube :D

  • #13

    My new years resolutions are to become more fit and active while maintaining my gaming, limit the amount of time I play, and to give my brain a break from flashing screens every now and then. :) I would also like to build an entire adventure map on Minecraft this year.

  • #14

    Id like to win this laptop because I sincerely want to become an LoL streamer that  can teach new players how to become better at playing LoL on a more competetive level. I dnt feel like there are enough streamers doing this right now, and really can you have too many teachers? I kinda struggled to become better at LoL and if there had more good players streaming about how to improve your playing than I would have improved much faster.

  • #15

    I want to make a youtube channel and post content for viewers to enjoy and to entertain whenever I can, but my current computer can't handle most games and it makes it a lot harder for me to post gameplay for people. recently, my computer had a slight crash and it hasn't been the same since.  I would like to have the alienware so I can record my gameplay and post videos, but also to have a better gaming experience

    My Resolution is to provide a better gaming experience to players who want entertainment and to have a better gaming experience on my computer.   Sincerely     -HuskyDog00670

    Last edited by HuskyDog00670 on 12/31/2012 10:29:14 PM
  • #16

    In 2013, I'm going to stop worrying so much about what people say to me in game and start playing ranked solo queue in League of Legends. I've always been too intimidated to play League without friends, but this year I'm going to learn to deal with criticism and improve my play.

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