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Survival Horror RPG Darkwood Kicks Off Indiegogo Campaign

If you're a fan of games that make you hesitant to play with the lights off, up-and-comer Darkwood may be a good contender for your attention and your wallet alike. 

This top-down survival horror RPG features an eerie atmosphere, intense combat, and roguelike elements all contained within a terrifying and mysterious alternate-reality forest in Eastern Europe.

You have no recollection of how you got here, and don’t really know if you’re inside some sort of a nightmare or are losing your sanity, but something is terribly wrong with almost everyone and every thing around you. Your only friend is an orphan child who knows something about your past..

What we can expect:

  • Challenging gameplay: No hand holding. Think, learn and adapt - if you will behave recklessly or do not prepare for the night, you will not survive. 
  • Permadeath: Dying is a part of the game, and you don't have extra lives. But not all of your progress is lost, as some things carry on to your next incarnation..
  • Satisfying exploration: A breathing, procedurally generated, sandbox world for you to explore. Each visit to Darkwood is unique, as all locations and events are randomized.
  • Perks and abilities: Improve your character with skills that will give you advantage over your enemies.
  • Crafting: A flexible crafting system which lets you experiment with loot to: create items, build barricades or traps, and improve your gear with addons.
  • Twisted atmosphere: You will start to question your sanity, as the line between reality and nightmarish fantasies will begin to blur.
The game looks amazing, right? The problem is, it's not finished yet. A three-person team working off of their quickly dwindling combined savings, Acid Wizard Studio is looking to crowd funding to help push this project to completion and beyond. 
Their recently launched campaign page on Indiegogo has all you need to know about the game's vision, plus a hefty list of stretch goals and funding incentives to entice you and your support, Be sure to drop by there and the official site at You can also Greenlight the game for Steam to help out.




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