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Sony Details Game Update 6 Content for DC Universe Online

Sony Online Entertainment has announced some patch details for Game Update 6 in DC Universe Online.

Combat Rating / Item Level! These are two statistics that have existed under the hood that we are now making public! Each item has an “Item Level” that roughly indicates the power of the item. When worn together, your “Combat Rating” is a measure of your total effectiveness in combat and is based on the weighted average of the best equipment you own per slot. This means your Combat Rating improves as you earn better gear. Players can find their Combat Rating under the Stats section in their Inventory. The tougher Hard Mode Alerts will now have a minimum Combat Rating that must be met before you can queue for them.

New Raid! Defeat Zod to regain control of the Sunstone Crystal Matrix! Queue for the Fortress of Solitude: Sunstone Matrix under the Raids section in your On Duty menu. Combat Rating: 53


  • The Society has managed to steal the plans for the new stations being installed in the JLA Watchtower. They've begun assembling them in each wing of the Hall of Doom but its function remains classified. Both organizations have begun installing additional stations in some of the city safehouses, but remain tightlipped about their objectives.
  • Attacks made by Tier 3 enemies, such as those found in the Fortress of Solitude, now ignore 25% of base defense.
  • Defense values for Tier 3 armor have been raised.
  • Removed the erroneous stats from the Gray quality item, Advanced Telescoping Baton
  • Minor Matchmaking Updates:
  •   Players are now notified of their assigned group role.
  •   A new category section has been added for Tier 2 Duos.
  • The player will now be messaged when trying to phase into the phase they are currently in.
  • Ignore now works properly with shout, say, trade, versus, league, tell and group chat.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause NPC’s to not drop loot when they were dealt massive amounts of damage and/or knocked out with one hit. 
  • Mail sent by the Broker to inform you of an item’s sale will no longer have Cash attached. The funds should now be automatically placed into your Cash instead.
  • Mail with attachments can no longer be deleted if you have a full inventory.
  • Running the game in windowed mode should no longer cause the cursor to travel outside of the window incorrectly.
In addition to all of this, Sony Online Entertainment is also putting into effect a ton of updates/additions for existing powers including Fire, Ice, Iconic, Light, Mental, Gadgets and so much more. DCUO players will definitely want to read the full patch notes, as there are many more details available.
Game Update 6 for DC Universe Online is available now as a free download, so be sure to check it out at


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