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New Region Announced for Dragon's Prophet

Infernum today released a video showcasing a new region coming to freshly launched MMO Dragon's Prophet.

A new video tells stories of an approaching danger that threatens to throw the world of Auratia into turmoil while also providing players with a first glimpse of the new region called Aluntia. However, all is not lost: Before Kronos, the legendary villain, can be resurrected, his followers need to perform a special ritual that players will have to interrupt. Dragon riders and fantasy fans can look forward to gigantic orcs, seething lava streams, and plenty of new dragons. Will the evil forces successfully resurrect Kronos? Is the end for Auratia nigh?

Haven't heard about Dragon's Prophet yet? This new fantasy MMO has players capturing, training, and riding dragons in the land of Auratia. Their post-launch content lineup will continue to grow, including additional dragon commands, huge raids, more regions and instanced content, mini-games, and oodles more that is outlined on the official game sites.

Visit or to download and play for free.



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