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Custom UI Skinning Hits DDO!

For DDO fans who have been itching to change the interface -- be it one section or the entire thing -- your day has finally come! With Module 6: The Thirteenth Eclipse, players will be able to completely overhaul the look of the Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach interfaice.

We gladly welcome all DDO fans who wish to do this, and extend our experience hosting World of Warcraft AddOns to the DDO community; let your creativity loose and show the world!

To get a head-start on uploading your newly re-designed DDO interface, head over to the Downloads section and create your project page. From there, you can upload your interface package to share it with the Curse community.


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    Custom UI is from now on going to be big factor of every MMO. And so it should be. MMOs are long term gameplay and just small things like not liking the UI can change the experience alot. Not to mention that when ppl get bored they will have chance to make the feel of the game kinda new with new UI ;Þ

    Blizzard has done great job with WoW in terms of this. Or rather the PLAYERS have done the great job ;Þ Blizzard just gave them the opertunity to do so.

    Key feature of every skinning and UI change is that it has to be easy and fast. And TOTAL freedom! Turbine have failed in that until now. LOTRO skinning system is just crap. And even moving the frames can be complicated cause their keybinding is using keys that are in diffrent places on keyboard based on Language. That is poor thinking and says more about how naive Turbine is in their "MMO" thinking.. I've already stated my opinion about how LOTRO UI and skinning is part of the key factor I desided not to buy it and spend time lvling a char to 50.

    New games like War and AOC will have to think of the UI feature if the games are gonna be succsessfull. And Devs of games like DDO and LOTRO will really have to improve their poor UI options.

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    DDO is a great group-oriented game with a small group of friends. I really enjoyed my time early on playing with friends from WoW.

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    Totally agree, any MMO without a programmable interface is just on the receiving end from WoW atm. The game does seem sort of interesting tho. Would love to try it if it wasnt taking time away from my life/wow.

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    Yep. I for 1 am still playing WoW. Being able to change the appearance of the game just adds to the experience of it. Setting it up as you see fit, be it mainly for PvP or PvE is a very nice idea indeed.

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    It seems to me that the customization of WoW has started to influence many games. I'm sure when developers are looking to make improvements they see the 10 million subscribers of WoW and think, "They must be doing something right."

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