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Eve: Trinity Deployed; Manual Patch Available

Those of you waiting for the most exciting patch ever for CCPs hit MMO, Eve Online, will not be disappointed this morning as the Eve website reports Trinity has gone live.

Manual download of the patch is available and a short announcement has been put up but there is very little else to report about the patch, which contains a major graphics overhaul, as the server is locked down in an "extended downtime" in order to better deploy the patch.

05/12/2007 EVE: Trinity Deployed, Manual Patches Available EVE: Trinity has been deployed and is accepting connections. At the onset, we will open Tranquility to 1,000 users and increase the number of connections allowed as server stability increases.

The client patches necessary to update your current client to the new version are now available.

To start manually patching the EVE client to Trinity and use the Classic Graphics Content, download here.

To start a manual patch of the EVE client to Trinity and use the Premium Graphics Content (if your system meets the minimum requirements, including a video card that supports DirectX9c and Shader 3 technology), download the patch here.

Client patches for Mac Classic and Linux Classic are also available.

05/12/2007 Trinity on schedule We're about half way through deploying the Trinity expansion to Tranquility and we're on schedule. After a long night our crew has taken a short lunch break and they're now back at their desks, working hard to make the rest of the deployment go as well as the first half did. Tranquility is expected to be back and open for business at 02.00 GMT, 6 December.

04/12/2007 Welcome to the extended downtime site

The deployment of the EVE: Trinity expansion has begun. This expansion constitutes a massive change in the world of EVE; not only is the expansion packed with new features, but it also includes a graphics update of gargantuan proportions. Every ship, station and stargate has been completely overhauled from start to finish, resulting in an amazing splendor of spacefaring sights. It really has to be seen to be believed, and once Trinity arrives and you log on to EVE, we're convinced that you will never look back.

During the extended downtime for the Trinity expansion a lot of the normal pursuits that keep the community are unavailable such as the forums, player news and so on. To keep you company we have put together a small collection of Unauthorized Dev Snapshots with Candid Captions to the left, to view other images, refresh this page.

We will also be using this page to give you updates to the deployment process and information about what you can do while you wait.


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    The issue apparently was resolved, I have XP and installing the patch didn't cause me any trouble. I guess CCP hotfixed the code within a few hours of the patch release.

    That said, the patch, which is really a free expansion, is pretty damn impressive. All of the models in the game got a complete overhaul, and the ships and stations all are the prettiest I've seen in any space-based game. There's some nice new content too, so it's got me reactivating my old account.

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    News article has been posted about it containing the warning post from the forums :-) It appears that the issue has been resolved however but don't quote me on that - I may be wrong.

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    Better watch out. I'm not sure if the manual patch has it, but the automatic patch they took down caused some major problems. Instead of deleting the boot.ini from the EVE folder, it deleted the Windows boot.ini. So people that didn't know this and restarted their computers were basically screwed.

    Just a heads up.

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