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New Screenshots! Monsters, Armors, Misc

Here's a couple of monsters, armors and misc models. Note that these do not represent their respective final versions and they might change significantly.


Attached Image: ifrit_1.jpg Attached Image: ifrit_2.jpg Attached Image: ifrit_3.png Attached Image: titan-front.jpg Attached Image: titan-back.jpg Attached Image: malboro.jpg Attached Image: skeleton.jpg Attached Image: giantsheep.jpg Attached Image: flan_1.jpg Attached Image: gridaniatree.jpg Attached Image: pixie.jpg Attached Image: pixie-back.jpg Attached Image: spider.jpg Attached Image: walkingbeast.jpg


Attached Image: 1.jpg Attached Image: 3.jpg Attached Image: 4.jpg Attached Image: 5.jpg Attached Image: 6.jpg Attached Image: 7.jpg Attached Image: 8.jpg Attached Image: 9.jpg Attached Image: 10.jpg Attached Image: 11.jpg Attached Image: 12.jpg Attached Image: 13.jpg Attached Image: 14.jpg Attached Image: 15.jpg Attached Image: 16.jpg Attached Image: 17.jpg Attached Image: 18.jpg Attached Image: 19.jpg Attached Image: 20.jpg


Attached Image: chocobo.jpg Attached Image: empire.jpg Attached Image: soldier-front.jpg Attached Image: guard.jpg Attached Image: flyingmachine_1.jpg Attached Image: flyingmachine_2.jpg Attached Image: flyingmachine_3.jpg Attached Image: flyingmachine_4.jpg Attached Image: moogle_1.jpg Attached Image: moogle_2.jpg Attached Image: automation.jpg


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