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Curse ShootMania Invitational Tournament Recap

Originally posted on FPS General:

Curse and FPS General have officially wrapped up the Curse ShootMania Invitational, and it's time to take a look back at this awesome ShootMania: Storm tournament. It was the first invitational we've hosted for ShootMania and we had a great time streaming the matches online and watching the action unfold. If you didn't get a chance to watch it, we're going to have full video recaps up on but if you're more of a reader than a viewer, we've also got a quick recap of the tournament below.

Day One: The initial round of 16 matches went fairly quickly as predicted. With some teams dropping out and most matches ending with a swift 2 - 0. SK gaming, Complexity and MonoManiac Esports got to show their talent early on and made showcases of skill and grace out of their matches, trying new things and taking risks.

Day Two: Day two saw the quarter finals and start of loser brackets take place. Team Curse faced off early against complexity and wins 2-0. complexity goes up against SK gaming and loses 2-1 with some very close calls. The loser bracket had a few of the dropouts and the other matches were over quickly with 2-0's for every match.

Day Three: DoNotJump went up against Curse and suffered a 2-0 loss after giving them a good run for their money in map 1. It was a tough fight, but ultimately Curse came out on top. Spin Move faced off against SK gaming in another semi-final match and lost 2-1 in a long match. Spin Move performed well above expectations and gave a great show. DoNotJump came back in their loser bracket match against mMe but lost 2-1.

Day Four: Getting pretty intense now! complexity start off against monoManiac esports and win 2-0 in an impressive show of synergy, lots of clutch moments and a few surprise 'deaths by jumping'. Curse and SK gaming finally meet in the winners bracket final in what turns out to be the toughest match in the tournament. After 3 maps with lots of overtime and amazing synergy from SK gaming, they win 2-1 against Curse. 

Curse goes down to the loser bracket where they go up against complexity and win 2-0 so they can come back immediately after for another try at SK gaming in the Grand finals. (Due to SK gaming being in the winner bracket they get 1 map win for the best of 5 and Curse start with 0.)

The Grand Finals end with a stunning 3-2 victory for SK Gaming who take home the 1st place and $3,000. Team Curse gets 2nd place with $1500 and complexity 3rd with 500$.

Congratulations to SK Gaming and thanks to all of our great teams for helping us make the first Curse ShootMania Invitational memorable! Remember to visit for some recap videos and full matches and drop by for more information on ShootMania: Storm.


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