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ArenaNet Introduces Seasons to World vs. World in Guild Wars 2

In a recent post on the Guild Wars 2 blog, ArenaNet has announced Seasons for WvW lovers. What we took away of the inner workings, in a more abbreviated form:


  • First Season begins October 4th and will run seven weeks, through November 21st
  • NA region has been broken into 2 leagues of 12 worlds each, and the EU region into 3 leagues of 9 worlds each
  • Worlds in each league will compete with each other over the course of 7 weeks for a number of prizes based on their performance in each matchup and their performance over the course of the season
  • Leagues will be determined by world rating at the conclusion of the matchups prior to the start of the season. Once the season begins, the leagues will be locked and there will be no movement into or out of a league
  • A new achievement category can be unlocked during the season, with a title for the meta and a key to unlock a WvW season chest that will be delivered on completion of the season.
  • Players cannot transfer to move to a better-performing world during the season - you will receive rewards based ONLY on the first world loaded after start of the season. You can transfer worlds, but won't be able to participate for your new server.
  • World Ability Points will be refunded so players can strategize how they like


  • Each world will be matched up with each other world in their league at least once over the course of the season. 1st place in each matchup will gain the world 5 points, 2nd place 3 points, and 3rd place 1 point
  • At the conclusion of the season, the worlds will be ranked in order of the total number of points they’ve acquired and all players who have completed the season long meta-achievement will be given prizes based on that ranking.


The winning world in each league will unlock a stack of supply dolyak finishers for their use in WvW and PvP 1st place in the gold league will get a gold dolyak, 1st place in the silver league a silver dolyak, and 1st place in the bronze league a bronze dolyak. 

Every player will be rewarded with WvW account bonus chests based on the weekly results. This will continue once the season is complete and be a permanent feature of WvW going forward. The rewards for each week will only be available during the following week’s matchup. If you don’t log in during a given week you will not receive the bonus chests for the previous week.

Discussion on and patch notes for the happenings can be found at Guild Wars 2 Guru, where you can stay in the loop and check out everything the community has discovered about the game so far. It's the definitive place for Guild Wars 2  fans. contains information about all known items, gear, recipes, achievements, traits, skills, and locations, and will be updated constantly as more information is known. 


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