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Hellgate London beta for $225 bucks.

According to the Weta NZ website, there is an offer where if you buy a $225US collectible figurine then you're guaranteed a beta account for Hellgate London. Essentially, this is a "come here and pay money to test our game" setup. The official Hellgate: London website also advertises this as "the way" to get into their beta.

Would you pay that much for a beta?


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    Look at dark and light, age of mourning... all games that were 'selling' beta accounts

    Not saying Hellgate: London is like them though!

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    Unfortunatley the reason behind it is that people will pay to get into beta's. They have done so in the recent past with such games as Matrix online and others. Some people collect beta testing like another collects rare books. Personally, I refuse to beta any game unless I am a payed staff member, otherwise I am not giving my time to do what is essentially, work.

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    At this price, beta access is a goodies over the figurine... You buy the figurine, you get a guaranted pass. Otherwise, wait like everyone.

    I doubth someone would pay that price only to get in the beta... volounteer Moderator

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