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Lichdom Announced at GPU14

Newly announced today by Xaviant at AMD's GPU14 event, Lichdom is an upcoming PC single-player action game with an emphasis on crafting spells and role-playing. Players will encounter forces of corruption, greed, and decadence as they're whisked away on a massive-scale adventure through a breathtaking world. 

Lichdom is a violent world, where cruel tyrants terrorize the people, and where dark magic corrupts the very land itself. Only one has spent centuries trying to cure the disease that plagues the world: Roth. No one knows who he is, or where he comes from, only that he fights the darkness across the ages.

Now he has returned and has chosen the player as his new champion. As the player, you are “the Dragon,” wielder of the most powerful magic the world has ever seen. With it, you will craft an arsenal of magic and create hundreds of different spells to combat the darkness that has engulfed the world. You are the Redeemer.

What we know:

  • An advanced targeting system targets enemies based on player intent, rather than manual aim, making the experience feel much more like casting magic and much less like aiming a weapon
  • Players are not bound by constraints like mana or cooldowns that slow the action, making the gameplay far more fluid
  • Vast, loot-based approach to spell casting. Players get to craft their own spells, rather than finding books or trainers that teach spells others have constructed
  • By manipulating a diverse set of properties, players can decide how they want their spells to behave and interact with other spells - Players choose between ultimate diversity in spell selection, or powerful, but complex, synergies to create new, dynamic effects with a smaller selection of spells.
  • DirectX 11 graphics optimized for the GCN Architecture, along with technology like AMD Eyefinity
  • The game’s visuals and action will get a further boost from AMD’s new audio technology, TrueAudio. The technology will speed the process of creating deeper, richer sounds and music, which in turn will add a completely new dimension to the overall gaming experience.

Stay tuned to Curse for details as they surface -- we're definitely keeping an eye on this title. For more game details, visit and have a look at the screenshots below.


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