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LotRO DirectX 10 Upgrade Announced

Following up on a slew of Game of the Year awards, including this one from GameSpy, Turbine, Inc. today announced that Lord of the Rings Online will be the first MMO to support DirectX 10 and NVIDIA's DX10 generation of video cards.

“Turbine has a history of pushing the graphics envelope so we can deliver state-of-the art immersive virtual worlds,” said Fernando Paiz, Director of Game Technology at Turbine, Inc. “We began working with NVIDIA very early in the development cycle so that we could fully leverage DirectX 10 technology to achieve our goal of creating the most complete and authentic recreation of Middle-earth. The results speak for themselves as The Lord of the Rings Online has set the bar for what persistent online worlds can be.”

With this upgrade, Turbine promises that players will be able to experience Lord of the Rings Online in the highest quality graphics available to any MMO on the market -- including realistic real-time shadow rendering, upgraded water shaders, as well as particle effects and lightning for distant terrain. NVIDIA is of course excited about this advancement in the LotRO engine's technology, too, as it means that MMOs may be catching up with other genres when it comes to graphics quality.

"The FPS genre has long dominated the race to better graphics but with this major update from Turbine, The Lord of the Rings Online players can enjoy graphics as good as or even better than many FPS games. This is an outstanding achievement and the whole Turbine team should be rightly proud of what they have produced,” said Roy Taylor, Vice President of Content Relations at NVIDIA. “This deserves the attention of the entire video games industry and all MMORPG players everywhere. It points to a future where we will see increasing blending of genres and deeper, more immersive PC gaming experiences. We are delighted to have been able to support this work.”

To read more, head over to the press release.


  • #1

    And meanwhile gameplay suffers? I really don't understand why this graphics update is really necessary. Personally I think it's a waste of time.
    I was silly and got the lifetime sub.
    I haven't been on LOTRO since mid year.
    The main reason is I found the gameplay rather bland.
    It's like they've created the game for the lowest common denominator and in the process made it boring :( (but there are some details in the game that are interesting, e.g. separating PVP out by using the monster play, I like that idea as it is least likely to affect PVE which I'm sick of happening in WoW).
    I'm quite disappointed and feel hoodwinked into getting the lifetime sub (yes I know silly of me to begin with, but I got taken in with all the hype at that time)

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