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Mabinogi - GDC First Look

Female have taken a closer look at Mabinogi.

First up, some company backstory. Once upon a time, there was a South Korean company named Nexon. Nexon has always been an industry pioneer: from publishing one of the first graphic based MMOs, to blazing the trail of the free to play model, they earned every ounce of success they gained. Nexon even sports an MMO with over 50% female players – Audition, a dance-based game found here.

The Nexon team members I met today were from the North American outpost of Nexon group: Nexon America. My guides through the world of Nexon – and Mabinogi – were John H. Chi, President and CEO of Nexon America; Hillary Lyons, Director of Public Relations; and Joselph Wregglesworth, Customer Relations Manager. Quick fact: over 2,000 people worldwide are employees of Nexon!

On to the game! During our meeting, I sat down with the Nexon team and took a look at Mabinogi. As Wregglesworth said, Mabinogi is a game “about the small stuff.” From sheering sheep and milking cows to fighting off fearsome monsters with spell and sword, players can engage in practically any activity in the game – and have fun.

Read the full article in all it's glory here.


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