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The Third Neverwinter Beta Weekend is Now Live - Grab Your Key from Curse!

In addition to making their presence known at PAX East this year, Perfect World Entertainment has kicked off the third beta weekend for highly anticipated D&D free-to-play MMORPG Neverwinter

"The response from the Neverwinter community and members of the press who participated in our previous Beta Weekends has been amazing so far," said Lead Producer Andy Velasquez. "On behalf of the entire development team at Cryptic Studios, I'd like to thank all Beta Weekend players for their feedback and support in making Neverwinter the best free MMORPG around!"

Players this week will be able to experience a wealth of new content, including the first opportunity to check out Neverwinter's PvP system and the chance to explore the Pirates' Skyhold and Icespire Peak Adventure Zones. In addition, players may take control of the new Great Weapon Fighter class. An increased level cap of 50, extends your play even further, so don't miss out!

We had a chance to test out several new features this week, and are now completely engrossed in the unique and satisfying combat system, the creative and captivating Foundry, and the ease of grouping up for both PvP and dungeons. Before you get started, though, here are a few tips on getting yourself set up:

After you've completed these steps, you will be good to go with the second Neverwinter beta weekend!
Or, you could throw in your wallet a bit early and nab some exclusive perks from the Founder's Packs below:

Neverwinter Starter Kit: The Neverwinter Starter Kit costs $19.99 USD (valued at $49.00) and supplies adventurers with virtual consumable goods to aid them in their quest for glory: 

  • ‘Adventurer’s Helper Pack’ containing six different types of in-game items
  • ‘Small Bag of Holding’ for twelve extra inventory slots
  • ‘Amulet of Protection’ item

Guardian of Neverwinter Pack: The Guardian of Neverwinter Pack costs $59.99 USD (valued at $149.00). In addition to guaranteed entry to all three Beta Weekends, the pack also includes VIP beta perks, and a variety of in-game items exclusive to Founder’s Pack purchasers, including: 

  • Three-day head start access to Neverwinter Open Beta
  • Unique ‘Gold Moonstone Mask Regalia’ head piece
  • Unique ‘Armored Horse’ mount
  • Unique ‘Direwolf Companion’
  • In-game and forum ‘Founder’ title

Hero of the North Founder’s Pack: For the ultimate Neverwinter experience, the Hero of the North Founder’s Pack costs $199.99 USD (valued at $549.00). It guarantees entry to all three Beta Weekends, includes VIP access to Moonstone Mask Tavern, early access to The Foundry (Neverwinter’s user-generated content creation tool), fifteen additional in-game items, plus features the following exclusive items that are only available through the Founders’ Pack program:

  • Five-day head start access to Neverwinter Open Beta
  • Beta Weekend Friend Invite code
  • Exclusive access to ‘Menzoberranzan Renegade’, a drow playable race like the legendary ranger Drizzt Do’Urden, complete with unique racial abilities and tattoo
  • Unique ‘Armored Spider’ mount
  • Unique ‘Panther Companion’
  • In-game and forum ‘Founder’ title
  • VIP Game Access to skip-the-line and get priority log-in access
If you're at PAX this weekend, be sure to stop by Booth 624. The team has a playable demo where you can try out the Great Weapon Fighter, plus chances to win some awesome Neverwinter loot to show off including limited edition t-shirts, bags, hardware, and redeemable codes for permanent in-game items!
Plus, they have R.A. Salvatore doing a book signing at the Neverwinter booth today and tomorrow from 3-4 PM EST! It doesn't get much better than that. Enjoy your beta weekend, and stay tuned to Curse for all things PAX East -- we're on the floor here and are excited for more things to come!


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