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Neverwinter Officially Launches

A new contender on the MMO-scape, Neverwinter has just concluded their Open Beta and officially launched! For the past couple months we've been enjoying a unique and engaging combat system, immersive content, and player creativity all wrapped up in the well-known and beloved game universe of the Forgotten Realms.

The official launch brings with it Gauntlgrym, Neverwinter's crazy-cool level 60 PvE/PvP hybrid challenge. Here's what we know:

  • A massive PvE and PvP battleground where players fight for the greatest treasures hidden deep in the ancient Dwarven city
  • For level 60 adventurers
  • 40 players are divided into two teams of 20
  • Battle across three phases with PvP and PvE environments
  • Phase One: The Iron Tabernacle -- Complete tasks amidst PvE mobs to earn points to gain a resilience buff for Phase Two
  • Phase Two: 20v20 Domination match, with siege weaponry, ogres, and Beholders to get in your way
  • Phase 3: Faction with the highest overall score earns the right to enter the Dwarf King's Crypt, a dungeon with Tier 2 drops. The losing team will be sent to one with Tier 1 drops.
Introduced as well is the new Alchemy profession, a slew of price drops on the Zen Market, and of course this is also directly following a huge balance and gameplay update.

We'll also see the first free expansion out this summer -- Fury of the Feywild is headed our way. Perfect World has posted a development blog chock-full of Q&A already for it at A new region, Sharandar, comes along with three new instances, three campaign areas, new enemies, loot, and a new dungeon. Plus, Weaponsmithing and Artificing professions.

With everything we've experienced so far, we have to say it's worth a shot for anyone looking for a new game. The free-to-play/Zen shop isn't obtrusive but filled with fun perks if you want them, the Foundry system is insanely cool and makes the game worth it all on its own (try Cragsteep Crypt, seriously), and there's a great balance of challenge and casual fun to be had. 

Stay tuned to Curse for up-to-date coverage on Neverwinter. If you're playing, there's no better source than the Neverwinter Wiki to prepare, so be sure to head on over and check out this amazing resource. 


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