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McDonald's UK: Kids are fat because of video gaming

Steve Easterbrook, the CEO of McDonald's UK, has ironically claimed that video games are responcible for children becoming fat.

Easterbrook claims that gaming has reduced the amount of time kids spend outside, "burning energy," which is why childrens weight and health is becoming more and more concerning.

Then there's a lifestyle element: there's fewer green spaces and kids are sat home playing computer games on the TV when in the past they'd have been burning off energy outside.

Despite the finger pointing at interactive entertainment, Easterbrook did realise that placing the entire blame on the entertainment sector would be a grave mistake, and admitted that fast food is partly to blame.

More than 88 million visits were made to McDonald's restaurants last month, up 10 million on the previous year.


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    Haha, well said by McDonalds, even their SALADS contain more fat than a "normal" beef, and that's kinda sick o.O

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    "And screw that too, 25-75% of everything we do is genetics anyway."

    Genetics doesn't account for 25-75% of everything you do. Just because you have fat people in your family doesn't mean you're doomed to be fat.

    People just blame it on genetics because they don't want to take responsibility for their actions.

    "Oh, I'm 500 pounds but it's not because I sit on the couch and watch TV all day while eating fast food for breakfast lunch and dinner, it's because my parents are fat so it was passed down to me from genetics".

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    Screw this.
    Neither fast food nor computer games makes people fat. Onesided eating habits and lack of exercise do. If you are sane you can play both computergames and eat fast food and be skinny as heck. Muscles on the other hand are from working out and eating properly.

    And screw that too, 25-75% of everything we do is genetics anyway.

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    First of all ask yourself this question. If it were anyone else say a college professor saying that the internet as a whole not just gaming has contributed to not only obessity from the lack of exercise but also aided in the moral degeneration of society from the lack of face to face human contact would you think the same way.

    Because regardless of what you may think it has but do not fret its just the inescapable part of human evolution that we all must partake in.

    Nothing new here move along...

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    Wow, just wow. The blame game has begun they should really point that finger back.

    What do you think they eat when they pull all nighters, whats the only fast food restrant open at all hours (midnight even 2am).

    Thats right Mc Donalds, not only are they stupid to point the finger at games but they just left them self over exposed showing how over convient their food is open at hours were hungry gamers lurk even late night stores open near LAN centers.

    They are basicly supporting the habbit by having late night stores open.

    There's going to be a nice big debate on this, I can smell it.

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    Saying video games makes you fat is JUST AS RIDICULOUS as saying McDonalds makes you fat.

    Take some responsibility for your own actions, people

    (Or in this case, inaction)

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    Ya I honestly know more skinny people like myself playing video games than fat kids.

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    It's fairly hilarious seeing the CEO of McDonald's saying something makes a person fat.

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    i sit and play wow too many hours a day, all the while eating fattening foods... and im skinny as hell.... wtf?


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    Ofc that the main reason for getting fat shape is "sitting and eating",but if u eat crappy food like Mc X therefor u will get extra fat in ur body :(

    advice: play games - eat and do workouts

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    This is a total lie. McDonalds makes kids fat :O

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