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New Blizzard MMO Announced At Game Developers Conference!

Blizzard Has A New MMO

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Here's the official press release:

Blizzard Entertainment 4/1/09 -- Irvine California -

Given the current corporate and global economic climate we've decided to do something revolutionary. We're going to introduce a NEW MMORPG and save time and development costs by basically not developing the actual MMO aspect, and re-releasing a classic from 1994.



  • #1
    that was really cool. till i saw the tag, I was convinced.
  • #2
    Hmmm.... me looks over to the date :)
    "One weapon:One Game - The new "Golden Ratio" in gaming" this one made me laugh.

    Good One!
  • #3
    you are a delight well played
  • #4
    LoL you know blizzard always announces something ridiculous on 4/1 ... I knew it before I even read it.
  • #5
    What happened to the april fools that was ridiculous but you could see blizzard fudging up that bad. This is just not even believable.

    I guess they are working "too hard" on 3.1 to make a good one lol.
  • #6
    The other joke is better,
  • #7
    You guys do realize that even the "Blizzard announces" part is made up too :) I don't think that Blizzard has the imagination for that type of trick.
  • #8
    "Unrealistic level of realism".
  • #9
    very sad. very bad
  • #12
    LOL was just playing BT the other day, they should remake it and put it on XBLA
  • #104
    "we've decided to do something revolutionary. We're going to introduce a NEW MMORPG"

    How is making MMO revolutionary no new ideas here to call revolutionary. Or rehashing and old game revolutionary or reusing old content for a game ideas revolutionary to make a cost cut savings mmo ??

    Only if its free, I would not pay for a single player game in online mode only, that's a defeating point, as no need for it, other then content, and offline no hassles from hackers or other spammers or advertisers or any of the other bad online issues the world has which is why their is a offline single player market and why most prefer their single player games offline in the 1st place.

    Want to enjoy a game that doesn't have network / account restrictions which is what all online systems force impose and then fees also, just to relax at home and enjoy some leisure time, with no 3rd party hassles or fees from outside world bothering them.
  • #105
    Nothing gets past KOOLTIME. Nothing.
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