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Dolby Announces Beta For Chat Room Environment: Axon!

Dolby Laboratories, Inc. has announced a limited beta release of its new Dolby(R) Axon desktop client software that brings surround sound voice technology to a chat room environment. Both in game and out, the software will enable gamers to naturally discern who is talking by the direction of his or her voice.


Because the software is based on the Dolby Axon 3D voice technology, users will be able to hear voice chat in surround sound--minimizing the sensation that all voices seem to come from the same location. The new software is well-suited for chat room features in online multiplayer games, and has an easy-to-use graphical interface that allows users to create, join, and interact in visual chat rooms.


Users can register for the limited beta release at

"Dolby understands that people hear the world in surround sound, so it makes sense that we would enable this for an online world as well," said Matt Tullis, Senior Marketing Manager for Games at Dolby Laboratories. "Whether it's in online chat rooms or during actual game play, the ability to discern each other's voices spatially translates into a much more enjoyable experience."

As hardcore gamers ourselves, we were anxious to get our hands on this new product. We’ve given it the full run through and have listed our favorite features below. However we strongly encourage you to go and try it yourself!

Our Favorite Features

Surround Sound Chatting: With Dolby Axon you can always tell who's talking because the voice quality is incredibly clear and members of the chat can place themselves in certain locations so the sounds, location, and tone of their voice remain constant.  This makes it easy to identify who's saying what, and who's screaming for that heal!

Large Chat Rooms: You can invite up to 50 people and see them visually represented in the chat room. The sound stays clear even with that many people and the surround sound plays a big part in letting you know who's saying what, so that you can actually identify voices and it's obvious who that person is despite the larger number of people in the chat room. 
Group Division: You can set up sub-rooms inside the main chat room, so if you're having a guild officer meeting, while some members are crafting and others are raiding, everyone in the guild can break off into different rooms inside the same area. This also makes it incredibly simple, and requires very little effort, to get everyone together and on the same page when you need to quickly mobilize your guild to defend or attack.

Low-Bandwidth and High quality: The bandwidth usage for Dolby Axon is extremely low, and the quality is better than you'd likely hear on a landline phone. Using Dolby Axon, nothing is lost and you gain an excellent competitive advantage!



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  • #1
    So it seems like Dolby is trying to cash-in on the success of Ventrilo and Teamspeak, which are both free. Lets hope this is free as well, I'll wait till its outof beta though.
  • #2
    Well ive signed up for beta, im pretty keen too try it......I Just want to see how its going to work on the server side of things. If they will be hosted for free by them, or player hosted...Or like vent is....
  • #3
    let me know if you'd like to test it out, ( Fu3lman )
  • #4
    It's not a chat client in that way. This is a marketing tool. The actual software is pitched at developers for incorporation into their video games.
  • #5
    add qPandap
  • #6
    add firadesunna (my mic is broken :O getting a new one wednesday) I also made a group on facebook called Dolby Axon users, where we can discuss the software :)
  • #7
    ummm ventrilo is not free mate...pple have to pay for servers.
  • #8

    not if you make your own server :)

    So yes it CAN be free.
  • #9
    I'm not looking forward to this. It would be pretty annoying to try and communicate with a friend who isn't nearby you in the game, or coordinate a larger-scale assault of some kind (raids & bgs in wow for example).

    I could see it being cool in some games though, but the inconvenience would probably make it more of a novelty than anything.
  • #10
    I have spoken to some of the developers who wanted some feed back and there will be a free version as well as a paid version.

    As far as I have tested it you can set up how the voice works so it can be just like vent where you here everyone just the option of making the voices fade. add qPandap or Xares to test.
  • #11
    I wrote them to ask if they had plans for a Mac client. Got some jumbled up auto-reply about it being available for Xp and Vista. hehe Asked if that was helpful... so replied it wasn't and said I didn't think they even read my question. Received a note that my ticket was closed and filed to suggestions. I think they have a hard time with reading comprehension.
  • #12
    It would add a new level of communication to games such as Battlefield, where you can currently only communicate to your squad with voice, this way you could talk to people near you / the enemy. I see valve doing something cool with this.
  • #13
    all i picture is running naxx and hear someone in the distance yelling "ahhh i fail at frogger wait up!!!" lol
  • #14
    this is what mumble does - nice one copycats.
  • #15
    This is not what mumble does. Mumble requires you to connect to a voice server as you do with Ventrilo or Teamspeak.

    If you read what this program is and does, it's more related to a instant messenger with chatrooms than a voice communication client.
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