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Guardians of Graxia Q&A and New Screenshots

Recently, we were able to sit down with the team at Petroglyph for a look at Guardians of Graxia and some Q&A with their team!

Here's a look at some of our questions and their responses:

What are some similarities and differences between the PC version and the board game?  

We designed both games to be very familiar, yet different enough that you will enjoy each.  Key differences will really only appear once you dig into the unit details themselves. What is really an advantage with the PC version versus the board game is the platform differences. The PC version is more automatic in gameplay, while the board game is more tactical and upfront.

 Can you tell us about the modes available in the PC version?

 For the moment, we're releasing the game for single-player only. We plan to release multiplayer mode in a later installment, depending on how well the game is received. To spice up gameplay, we have a single-player campaign as well as some interesting standalone scenarios. Many players will find the AI to be quite a challenging opponent for these!

 How many AI players can you play against in a skirmish match?

 For the moment, it’s a two-party system. It's you against the AI (which can be tricky when using the tiles on the map and other strategies, so be ready for a fight).

 How do Guardians fit into map battles?

 There has been some misconception that Guardians are evil beings bent on destroying the Graxia world, and you as well. They are actually more what their title suggests... Guardians. For instance, the leader of your army is always a Guardian. They will be working closely with you and at your direct command. The ebb and flow of any battles revolve around the Guardian, so positioning them wisely is critical.

Will each title, whether Plains, Forests, Hills, Mountains, have any affect on gameplay? If so, what?  

Absolutely, each tile type is very important. This is one of the cornerstones of the game that separates it from other similarly styled games. The map surface itself is a strategic and calculating component to your wins and losses in combat. Controlling tiles gains you the valuable resource of Mana crystals. Mana crystals are the basis of the game’s economy.

 But aside from that, they also have a dramatic importance in tactical play. Some tiles have huge defensive bonuses; others not so much.  Cavalry functions well in plains, but perform poorly in Forests.  So you must place your units to not only take advantage of your enemy’s weaknesses, but also to take advantage of the individual tiles’ bonuses and avoid their disadvantages.

 Can you tell us more about different races available to players in the game?

 In the Board Game, we have 8 races, each with their own theme. For the PC game, in the first release we are implementing 6 races. Even with two less races, the PC game has a much greater variety of huge and nasty creatures to fight than the board game version.

 Will there be any special units or cards players can earn or obtain some how? Maybe by purchasing the retail box etc?

 Currently, not at this time. Though the Graxia world is a huge place with plenty of opportunities for further exploration and conquest. What we have done in developing the game is ensure there is room for growth and expansion, in case in the future our plans line up with an opportunity to implement extra features such as special units or cards.

For more information visit the Guardians of Graxia website!


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